Helane Morrison Is Someone Who Is Confident And Efficient

There are few people that shine in any field. Helane Morrison is someone who shines in the compliance office. One of the reasons that she stands out from among the others is that she knows the laws and she interprets it from the standpoint of the little person or the consumer as opposed to the big corporations. One thing that could be said about big corporations is that they are surprisingly powerful in that they are allowed to get away with plenty of violations against their customers. However, one of the ways they are able to get away with such violations is that they are able to go after those that they perceive to be not so well liked. However, Helane does not find this to be very successful.


All Helane wants if fairness. She wants people to be treated with respect and regard whether or not they have a lot to offer. For one thing, if they have enough to do business with a corporation, then they should be treated fairly. However, it is the people that are considered lower that the corporations aim all of their violation attempts on. Therefore, it is important that someone stands up to these corporations.


Helane works assertively towards fairness. One thing she does is remind the companies about the rules that they are breaking so that they will not be allowed to go too far with their practices. Helane has been so effective because of her confidence in which to move forward. Her confidence stems from her knowledge of the law. She also figures out where to start. If she can’t figure out where to start, then she concludes that one place is as good as another to bring people the law that they are breaking in their methods of conducting business.



Don Ressler is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. His first startup was FitnessHeaven.com which was later bought by Intermix Media. In the year 2001. After this significant stint as an entrepreneur, he collaborated with another 19-year-old startup genius Adam Goldenberg to start Alena Media. Under them, the advertising and performance team prospered and became very profitable for Intermix. Later in 2005, when Intermix was bought by News Corp, Alen Media was devastatingly ignored. This made Don and Adam frustrated which made them leave to start their own independent enterprise Intelligent Beauty, a brand building business. Intelligent Beauty created many profitable marketplace products like SENSA, DREMSTORE.

JustFab is the baby of Intelligent Beauty. This e-commerce fashion retailer was started in 2011. In the first year of its inception, Just Fab reached the capacity of about 6 million members. In the second round of funding, JustFab received about $76 million from Rho Ventures, Cross Ventures, Intelligent Beauty and Matrix Partners. After the initial success, JustFab was now ready to go international. In Jan 2013, the company bought the fashion subscription Fabkids. In the same year, JustFab acquired the ownership of the European Subscription the Fab Shoes. Until the end of the year 2013, the company had about 3 million members all across Europe. On October 1, 2013, JustFab attracted Fabletics which is an athletic clothing line. The clothing line was started in collaboration with Kate Hudson. JutsFab expanded its business by the successful acquisition of its rival partner ShoeDazzle,

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JustFab made an important announcement on August 31, 2016 when it decided to extend sizes in its Ready to Wear Collection. This was a huge step taken in order to respect women of all sizes. The leading fashion subscription incorporated sizes from XS to 3X and 24 to 34. Don Ressler expressed that each and every woman deserves to feel confident and good in whatever they are wearing. This new all-inclusive idea is set to fulfill the need of every woman shopping in JustFab.

In addition to all that, in 2016, JustFab Inc., with member brands like JustFab, Fabkids, ShoeDazzle under its belt was rebranded with the new name of TechStyle Fashion Group. Ressler and Goldenberg aim to make TechStyle a name of the new era where fashion meets Silicon Valley. Also, The Fashion Group is focused on the amalgamation of new technology and the latest fashion style to give shoppers new experience.

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Martin Lustgarten is a Skilled Investment Banker

The world of investment banking is a very complex one. There are many subtle intricacies that you need to familiarize yourself with if you are going to become a successful investor. Do you have some extra money that is gaining a paltry amount of interest in a savings account? If this is the case, you might want to consider giving some of it to an investment bank. They have experts who have spent many years making educated investments for their clients. Some of the larger investment banks annually have a very high rate of return for their investors.


How do you go about choosing an investment bank to work with? You should start out by looking at the reputation of all the investment banks that are out there. Find one that has been around for many years and has not had any serious legal problems. You should also take a close look at the fees that the investment bank charges for their services. In most cases, the bank will charge a percentage of the profits they make for you. However, you should only work with a bank that charges reasonable rates.


Martin Lustgarten is a very respected and successful investment banker who holds dual citizenship in Venezuela and Austria. He has gained a great deal of fame in the financial world as a result of his advanced knowledge of international investments. He believes that the risk associated with his various investments will be substantially limited if he spreads them over several different countries simultaneously. He is able to keep tabs on what is going on with all of the foreign markets he has made investments in so that he can quickly get out of a situation that is losing money.


Martin Lustgarten now has his base of operations in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He is able to service all of his North American and South American clients very easily from this location. Martin’s long track record of profitable investments have made his services in very high demand. However, he always has time for all of his clients. He appreciates their loyalty.


Investment Banks are A Great Resource for Corporations

Banks play a vital role in the daily business operations of many corporations both large and small. While many corporations have enough money to handle most of their daily business operations, there are various business situations where banks can be very helpful with supplying cash, advice, or financial assistance related to business deals and business transactions.

One of the bank types that is a great resource for corporations regarding access to cash, advice, and financial assistance of investment banks. In many ways, investment banks are structured to help clients such as corporations because investment banks are structured in a manner that compliments the needs of corporations.

Investment banks have three main areas of concentration. These three areas provide the type of banking services that are offered through investment banks. All three areas have multiple services that can be offered in relation to clients such as corporations. These services are typically specialized services that the average small business or individual would not have the need for or the available cash funds to utilize the services for the intended purposes.


For corporations, there is normally a need for a point of contact regarding business services. This point of contact ensures that a line of communication will be established and maintained related to the business services provided to investment bank clients. Concerning investment banks, the investment banker is the position within investment banks that can be used as the point of contact with corporations regarding business services. The investment banker typically is involved with many aspects of the business services provided to corporations.


One of the investment bankers who has made a name for himself in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. He has shown an ability to work with clients such as corporations on various levels. Martin Lustgarten has been able to provide the type of results that corporations and other investment bank clients want to achieve.


Martin Lustgarten has taken the experience that he has acquired over his years as an investment banker and used the experience to help him start his own investment banking firm, which is Lustgarten Martin. He serves as the CEO and handles all daily business operations.

The stock based loaning alternative provided by Equities Holdings

Equities Holdings has offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth, Bangkok, Singapore, and London.Equities First Holdings is a leading lender in shareholding and finance alternatives and capital  allocation worldwide.They give businesses and persons with a qualified net worth a non-stock capital.Equities Holdings has successfully transacted 625 deals due to their small capital rates and upgraded financial services customized to each client’s needs.Equities currently have a net worth of $1.4 billion.

Recently the company has recorded increased borrowing of margins loans and stock-based loans. This data is unlike the values recorded in most banks, where the lending is accessible to fewer and more qualified candidates.The lending company has allowed borrowers fewer qualifications for the credit based loans to borrow the stock-based loan.

The founder of Equities Holdings noted that while the stock-based loans and credit-based loans are rarely differentiated, the two options have unique and different requirements.

The credit based loans require the borrower to be qualified. The option also restricted one to an already decided expenditure of the money. The loan to value ratio of the stock-based loan is 10% to 50%.

The stock-based loans have a fixed interest rate, unlike the credit based loans. The option doesn’t restrict one to a planned expenditure of the money and also has a loan to value ratio between 50% and 75%.Al Christy, Equities’ CEO explained that the alternative has more loan to value ratio and a fixed interest rate. The properties of the stock-based loan assure a borrower that the transaction will be mature.Christy continued to say that the stock-based loans eliminate losses in case of a financial market fluctuation. The stock-based loans also provide the borrower with an option to end the contract even when the value of the stock decreases.

The CEO reported that most people avoid taking the stock-based loans because their banks habitually do not return assets to the borrowers when the transaction is successful. Instead, they leave the stock to the open market. Christy assured interested persons and parties that Equities Holdings strictly adheres to a professional and integral work ethic that frequently updates the borrower on the progress of their transactions.

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Switching to OSI Group Food Products

Food products can be difficult to find and purchase knowing that they are great quality. This is why so many people have chosen to switch to the OSI Group company and know that they are doing something beneficial for their entire industry. This is a company that you can trust to provide you with great quality products that are going to help you run a more successful company. For a lot of individuals, it can be difficult sometimes to find a company they can trust knowing that the food that you are buying from this company is going to be affordable and also be incredibly high quality.

Make sure that if you are interested in switching food processing companies for your business that you consider the OSI Group company yourself. You can even check out the types of products that they offer by visiting their website or contacting them to see if they have anything available to you that you often buy. You’ll also find that the prices you pay for this type of food is well worth it and not going to break the bank if you are on a tight budget. There are so many people who are currently buying from OSI Group because they feel this is one of the top food companies in the industry and they offer a variety of different products that can make your life a whole lot easier as a business owner your self.

Never has it been easier for you to purchase great products at affordable prices that are not going to break the bank for you or your food company. When you make the choice to choose OSI Group, you are doing something that is going to be beneficial for not only your budget but also each and every one of your clients because the quality of the food you are going to be able to provide to them is going to be top notch. You can also find OSI Group on social media sites, such as Facebook, as well as their very own website if you would like to learn more about the different types of products that they offer to the public. This is a company you can trust and get behind if you are a business owner who deals with food and knows that you need a better company to do your business with on a routine basis with better quality ingredients.

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Why You Should Embrace The Ideologies And Services Offered By The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a wealth management and advisory firm with headquarters in Winter Garden, Florida. The company works with individuals looking for success in their lives and businesses and their main clients include businesses and wealthy people looking for advice on the best ways to manage their wealth.

Most people want peace in their lives and the first step to earning peace is getting skills that can allow one to manage wealth and make decisions that are wise and focused towards the attainment of prosperity and stability in life.

Professional guidance and mentorship
The first step in the journey of mentoring clients begins when the client consults with the company. The Midas Legacy then issues them with a free guide also referred to as The Midas Code, which allows them to understand some basic issues that can elevate them to the success they so desire.

The Midas Legacy works with several well-informed specialists, who are tasked with offering members guidance in different matters. These professionals include bestselling authors, renowned shareholders in the stock market and leaders in other industries. All these professionals work on a common goal of ensuring the clients become successful and attain the peace they need in their lives.

Natural cures
Good life begins with good health and this is something The Midas Legacy cannot overlook when assisting clients. Through the Natural Cures program, the company offers clients information about the way they should structure their diets for maximum prosperity and to ensure peace in their lives.

The Midas Legacy, through this program, educates clients about the use of dangerous drugs and the kinds of herbs and vegetables they should embrace to make their lives better. It is a way to lead a healthy life without necessarily breaking the bank.

In philanthropy
Apart from helping businesses and individuals to achieve success, The Midas Legacy also contributes to community welfare programs. For example, they are listed as Gold members in the Florida Sheriffs Association and this is because of their heavy donations to the association. The Midas Legacy also donates to the Give Hope Foundation, a local not-for-profit charity that is concerned about offering support to families within Central Florida that are fighting childhood cancer.

They have been regularly offering donations to support the organizations. Additionally, The Midas Legacy also contributes to the Wounded Warrior Project, which is dedicated to helping wounded veterans that participated in the September 11, 2001 events.

CEO Andy Wirth Elected Chair Of Airport Commmission

Squaw Valley Resort CEO Andy Wirth was recently appointed as President of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RTRASC), according to a press release.  Andy Wirth has been a part of the resort industry for over 25 years, having served as an executive with Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth is seen as an important mover and shaker in the ski industry. He took over Squaw Valley in 2010 and turned it into one of the most successful ski resorts in the U.S.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to run one of the most thriving airports in the world,” said Wirth. “I am truly humbled that my colleagues would award me with such an honor.”

As chairman, Wirth will be responsible for negotiating new air flights to and from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. More air flights will drum more business to the downtown area. Wirth is currently working on many expansions to Alaska, Colorado and Colorado. “This will do wonders for the tourism industry,” said Wirth. After the last few years of drought, we are looking at many angles to recoup what we loss.”

Wirth, a graduate of Colorado State University, developed his love for the outdoors while working at the parks service. He soon found his footing while working at Steamboat Springs Resort.

An avid outdoorsman, Wirth participated in a number of activities that would make even the most daring man faint of heart. His affinity for skydiving almost cost him his life. Three years ago, he had a hard landing in a vineyard that ripped his arm off. Today, after several surgeries and physical therapy, he has regained 80% mobility of his arm.

Wirth says the ordeal taught him not to take life for granted. “Every minute counts. You can be here today and gone tomorrow in a blink of the eye.”

Talk To Your Loved Ones For Less Than The Competition

Talking on the phone is a major requirement for inmates that want to transition outside of the facility, talk to their loved ones, and speak to their legal counsel. They are dependent on secure calls that are reasonably priced for their loved ones. The cost of inmate calls has been a major concern for inmates and their families for years. Securus Technologies is now offering their customers a reliable correctional calling network. Securus has been proudly serving the community for over 20 years as an inmate calling regulator, but now they hail as a leading network provider processing billions of calls annually.


They recently acquired a Certification 1 that allows them to be able to reach a global network. Securus is proud to employee over 546,00+ IT professionals. They will be well equipped in correctional communications, monitoring, safety, and surveillance. International certification will also let them improve the network. They can ensure their customers will get every minute specified under their service agreement. Talk to your loved ones in an institution when it matters the most. Securus Technologies works hard to put their customers expressed needs first. Your loved ones will be glad to save time and money with Securus.


Features Include:


Video Chat


Video chat features offer a great opportunity for loved ones to communicate face-to-face. Your disabled loved ones never have to leave home with video chat capabilities from Securus. Customers receive high definition video and impeccable sound quality.


Inmate Voicemail


Your loved ones can call the actual correctional facility and leave a message for you on their access line. They simply retrieve the message when they have ample time and never have to miss another phone call again. Inmates have their own personalized telephone answering service to meet their expressed needs.


Has Don Ressler Been Successful?

Don Ressler is the CEO and the founder of the popular online brand, JustFab. He works with this business partner, Adam Goldenberg, to make sure that they are able to provide women with just what they need on this site. Before the invention of JustFab, Don Ressler was very successful with his other businesses. He made sure that he was always able to be successful and that he was one of the best no matter what industry he was in. This was something that allowed him to propel his career into JustFab and to sue the contacts that he made while he was doing it.

Don Ressler and Adam met while they were doing business. While they had both been in business in different industries, they both recognized that they were wildly successful. They knew that Ressler and Goldenberg had to work together to make something that would be better than anything that anyone had ever seen before. This is the way that JustFab was born. It was the result of two business geniuses coming together to find something that would work for everyone and something that would change the Internet as well as the way that people shop when they are online.

JustFab is a subscription service that the two came up with. Women log onto the site and take a quick quiz on Wikipedia that will dictate what their style is. They can make different choices and can even change answers later on if their taste in clothing changes. Based on this, they are sent a box each month that will allow them to never have to worry about the stress that comes with traditional shopping. A new outfit each month is something that many of the women who use JustFab look forward to without the hassle of having to actually shop for said outfit.

The JustFab brand is not just all about clothing, though. They have different options on matrixpartners.com. Fabletics is the athletic wear division of JustFab. It is clothing that is designed for comfort, functionality, and performance. People can enjoy working out when they look good doing it in Fabletics. Another division of the company is ShoeDazzle which focuses on shoes and there are even options for kids who do not want to have to do shopping for clothing. The JustFab brand has brought more than fashion to women: it has brought convenience that has changed the way that women will do shopping forever.

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