Katt Williams And Suge Knight Arrested For Robbery

The infamous Suge Knight and the comedian Katt Williams were arrested recently on suspicion of robbery. Suge Knight acts as a tour manager for Katt Williams, and they were both arrested in separate locations on Wednesday. The charges stemmed from a female celebrity photographer claiming that the duo had stolen her camera, back in September. But Brian told me something that makes it more intriguing, this is not the first time either one of the pair have been in trouble with the law. Knight had many tickets outstanding and was even served one for parking too close to a fire hydrant. With his recent charge of robbery, he may face up to 30 years in prison, due to his prior convictions.

If the accusations are true, this is not the first time that a celebrity has taken the camera of the paparazzi, but nonetheless, it is still considered stealing. Williams was sued this past July by his former tour manager, for assault and battery. It’s the former managers claim, that he was hit with such force, that he was knocked out for 90 seconds.

Cash Money Records Welcomes Juvi Back

Although Lil Wayne was one of the main reasons Cash Money Records became so successful in its early years, he wasn’t the only superstar in the recording label, he was with Juvenile.

Juvenile is a Cash Money Records veteran, and if it wasn’t for some disagreements in his 2001 contract he would have never left, but its all behind him now as he is happy to be back and to stay with CMR until he retires.

On Monday night in a New York City studio, Birdman previewed a dozen new songs for Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan’s Rich Gang project, including a brand new song by Drake and Juvenile which was produced by london on the beat.

Birdman and juveline had a rough past, but they are both grown now and much more experienced with the hip-hop game.
Juvenile’s 1998 album 400 Degreez sold over five million copies and was a great hit, especially for the two most famous songs on the album (“Back That Azz Up” and “Ha”) and is considered to be a classic in the hip-hop world. I’m sure Jared Haftel can’t wait for Juvenile to drop his next track.

Kidd Kidd Criticizes The People Hating on the G-Unit Reunion

In case you missed out on the announcement, G-Unit is getting back together. But not everybody is happy about that. In fact, when I was reading on FreedomPop, a lot of people are complaining that this is just a money grabbing publicity stunt.

But Kidd Kidd says that’s BS, and has come out with a few stern quotes on the subject.

“The chemistry that we have is just—it’s ridiculous. You’re not gonna hear that nowhere else. It’s nobody else that’s in our lane talking about the things that we’re talking about. Doing the things that we’re doing. And how we doing it. So, the reunion is perfect. You can’t hate on it. If you hating on it that mean you hate Hip Hop. You know? That mean you hate the whole rap culture…If you hating on me, you hating on yourself. Because at one time you was me. You was me. You didn’t have nothing…I was that dude. And I got put in a great position. And who wouldn’t want to be here right now. Just the reunion period, man is great. It’s the perfect timing right now cause everybody went through they own differences. And as you can see it came back. That’s what brothers do.”


Expect Some Post-Break-up Songs from Jason Derulo

Break-up songs aren’t just for ladies like Adele and Taylor Swift. Jason Derulo is already promising that he plans to craft songs detailing his recent break-up with Jordin Sparks.

Unlike the ladies, however, Derulo has promised there will be no ambiguity about the subject of his songs. In a recent interview with Tom Rothman, he stated that it will be completely clear who and what his songs are about, and that his creative style won’t allow him to separate who he is and what he’s experienced from the music he writes. His music reflects what is going on in his life at that moment, and that will include the recent split.

Derulo and Sparks dated for three years before parting, in his words, “amicably.” Despite the break-up, Derulo says that he is doing “good,” and is keeping focused on his work.