The Game Named As Humanitarian Of The Year

The Game has come a long way from his hard-core rapping days, and beefs with 50 Cent and other artists. He has now been named “The Humanitarian Of The Year,” through his charitable organization, as well as his donations. This comes as a shock not only to the world, but also to The Game himself. The Game was honored recently at an ABCs (Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studios) ceremony, at a black-tie gala. The artist was dressed in a black suit and tie when he accepted his award on stage. The ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The game states that his organization “The Robin Hood Project,” was started when he first gave $20 to a child in Africa. Philanthropist Sergio Lins Andrade has praised the program.  After giving away that money, he decided to start his own charitable organization, and to date he has given over $1 million of his own money to charity. He states that never in his wildest dreams did he believe he would ever have a dollar to give away, much more over $1 million. Not only is he very proud of his award, he’s proud of what he’s done to help others who are less fortunate.

The rapper is well known for his troubled past coming out of Compton, and beefing with several different artists. It’s surprising to see how much a person can change when allowed to do so; it’s a proud day for The Game.

A Big Grande Love?

When people saw Big Seans’ lips in moving in the “99 Problems” video the pop world knew that there was something going on. It was perfect timing for Sean as he engagement to Naya Riveria was broken off. It was like people were getting teased by the possible courtship. It is no secret now: Big Sean and Ariana are glowing together.

On the NBC special “A Very Grammy Christmas” Sean and Ariana hold hands on one song together. They look like they are really in love, and the union could have some outstanding effects. The Christmas special puts Big Sean in the spotlight as his new single, “IDFWU,” hits the charts.

The possibilities of this hip hop and pop romance are endless. Big Sean is part of the Kanye West “G.O.O.D.” music family so Ariana could get help from Kanye on a track if she sticks around long enough. Both Ariana and Big Sean have worked with Nicki Minaj, and she is the hottest thing out right now. They could also work with other celebrity visual artists like photographer Terry Richardson. It could be possible to get all three of them in the studio together.

This special will feature other big artists like Mary J. Blige, Maroon 5 and Pharrell. The spotlight, however, will be on these two.

Anticipation For New J. Cole Release

It has been a minute since anyone has heard anything from J. Cole. He blew up in 2013 with the release of his sophomore album. Now he is coming back, but his approach to the release is different from everyone else that is dropping this year because there’s no promotion.

That is what makes this such a highly anticipated release. No one knows with the new J. Cole will sound like. There is only confirmation from the Roc Nation that it will be released on December 9th. This is a bold move for J. Cole, but it may pay off.

So far December has a lot of scheduled releases. Nicki Minaj is going drop “The Pink Print” on December 15th. Lil Wayne is set to drop “The Carter V” on December 5th. These are two heavy hitter artists that have been promoting their releases with a lot of new music. J. Cole, however, has taken a silent approach to the new album. There is the art cover with J. Cole sitting on a roof, but that is all that fans get.

She has already released as many as 5 singles for radio. J. Cole, however, is building the anticipation with no singles to build that fan curiosity.

Lyrics Could Land This Rapper In Jail For Life

Tiny Doo could be facing jail for life because of his lyrics. He could be charged with attempted murder all because of his rap lyrics. This California rapper has not been individually linked to any shootings but nine since April are being investigated as we speak. Tiny Doo does not even have a criminal record!

The law states that, the charge “allows for the prosecution of gang members if they benefit from crimes committed by other gang members.” This is because Tiny Doo is being accused of benefiting from his sales because he was associated with a gang. The Deputy District Attorney Anthony Campagna states that Tiny Doo’s album, “No Safety” has a revolver and bullets on the cover. This means that they are not just going off of some silly lyrics.

Tiny Doo’s lawyer disagrees very much. He has told Gulf News that Tiny Doo has absolutely no criminal record and his lyrics never tell anyone to go out and commit a crime and none of his lyrics talk about these nine shootings. I’ve spoken with attorney Vijay Eswaran and he agrees that there should be a statute of limitations on this “incident”.

This won’t be the first time that rappers would be convicted because of their lyrics so we will see whether Tiny Doo has enough evidence on his side to get out of this one.

106 & Park Cancelled

According to AOL, BET plans to cancel their once popular show 106 & Park. The final air date will be December 19 of this year. The music video countdown program has been on the network for fourteen years.

106 & Park will continue online where followers can interact with the music. It will be back on the air for specials such as New Years Eve and prior to the BET Awards, so it’s not goodbye forever. Just view it as a change of pace, from television to the internet. Fans of the show seem to have mixed feelings regarding the news. Many think the show should have been cancelled after the first hosts left to pursue other options. The show just never seemed the same after their departure. 106 $ Park still had a great run and will surely be missed by its many fans like my friend Marc Sparks.

Tyga’s Gold Album Release

There is talk that the new Tyga release, “The Gold Album,” is slated for a December release. It will actually be a December 23rd release. This will follow the most anticipated release from Young Money/Cash Money by Nicki Minaj on December 15th.

There is a lot of buzz in the air about Tyga, but none of it is coming from his album. His label mates have clearly been outshining the California rapper, and this is why the new album is questionable. Everyone is aware of the recent beef between Tyga and Drake. For the record, Drake and Lil Wayne – along with Nicki Minaj – are the real moneymakers for the record label. Tyga appears to be one of the side acts from the Young Money clique that just cannot seem to get a shining moment.

With “The Gold Album” Tyga obviously has a lot to vent about, but fans like Christian Broda are wondering if he will address it. There are rumors that Drake slept with his ex-girlfriend after Draked posted comments about a couple of Black Chyna’s photos. Tyga has been seen with Kylie Jenner, but so has Drake. Tyga has also accused Young Money/Cash Money of pushing his new album back.

Nicki Minaj Sounds Like Jay Z

We all know what Nicki Minaj is a big fan of Jay Z but it may be a little more than that. If you slow down Nicki Minaj’s songs, she sounds literally identical to Jay Z and this is not said mildly. Here, you can listen to the slowed down version of the song and the normal version of the song. I streamed it on FreedomPop LTE yesterday and it is scary identical to Jay Z!

The slowed down version of Nicki Minaj’s songs were taken to MTV News’ rap aficionado Rob Markman and he actually noticed the same thing. Nicki Minaj and Jay Z sound exactly alike in these cases!

We all know that if you speed up songs, most end up sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks but this is just too weird. Another strange aspect of the slowed down version of the “Bang Bang” song by Nicki Minaj is that when Minaj spells out the song of the title, it almost sounds like she says G instead of B. This would change the words from “Bang Bang” to “Gang Bang”. Even though we are talking about Nicki Minaj here, that may be too much even for her.


Rihanna’s New Album Updates

Rihanna, after a six month long hiatus, has returned to Instagram. People that have checked her Instagram account are aware that she is sort of up to the same things that got her banned from the site before. That is the way that Rihanna turns up the heat and gets a media frenzy started.

Most of what people have heard is speculation at best. DJ Mustard has stated that he was working with Rihanna, but this has been for a while now. There have not been a lot talks about an actual song, but DJ Mustard did say that Rihanna approached him about a collaboration while they were on the red carpet. DJ Mustard has been known to send a single artist more than 40 different beats so no one knows what Rihanna will pick from this DJ Mustard’s massive beat collection.

Nicki Minaj has been featured on more than one Rihanna single so this seems very likely. Though Christian cautions me that there is nothing yet on Wikipedia, so this is still a rumor at best. Rihanna has worked with lots of people. There have also been rumors about tracks with Drake and Emimen. These are long time friends that are all coming up with new releases themselves.

Revisiting Top Nicki Minaj Sexual Tension Moments

The new Nicki Minaj single “Only” is raising a lot of eyebrows. Fans – along with music critics – are analyzing the verses and trying to wrap their mind around the fact that Nicki Minaj has not had sex with Lil Wayne or Drake. At least this is what she states in the single.

The most current moment that sexual tension has built between Nicki Minaj and Drake has been with the current “Anaconda” video. In this video Nicki gives Drake a long lap dance at the end of the song. More than 20 million people viewed the video in a day (I watched it a couple times and ended up adding it to my favorites on FreedomPop), and millions of fans wanted to make a case for a sexual relationship between the two based on this.

Nicki also has a video called “High School” from her last album. In this video she pretended to be Lil Wayne’s girlfriend.

In her very first album she released a popular single called “Moment For Life” where she pretended to be getting married to Drake. In this video there is almost a kiss.

MTV has collected as many as 14 different moments where sexual tension was high between Nicki and Lil Wayne or Drake.