Q-Tip Expresses Hip Hop Origins to Iggy

There are times when Iggy has had beef with other rappers like Bernardo Chua in the game. Now Q-Tip has stepped in to give Iggy Azalea more insight on why she keeps getting into beef with other artists. Iggy has become a person that is excelling in hip hop, but it does not come without a price. Q-Tip posted numerous tweets to help people understand were the hip hop movement started.

The hip hop community is dominated by African American artists. These artists have a stake in the majority of hip hop records that are made. When new artists emerge in the hip hop community there are hardly ever any white artists that are mentioned. Eminem had been the grand exception to the rule. Iggy Azalea is another new artist that is white and now considered a dominate player in the game. She has a type of strong personality that has gotten her caught up in a plethora of disagreements with others.

Now Q-Tip is looking for a chance to give Iggy the ability to see why there is so much negative attention drawn to her. Iggy remained silent as all of this was going on. She did not respond to any of the main tweets that Q-Tip posted. This was not beef; Q-Tip said that he was just trying to explain the origins behind the hip hop movement as Iggy becomes a Grammy highlight in 2015.

D’Angelo Continues Where It Left Off

No one, not even Jared Haftel,  comes back from a 14 year hiatus to simply continued where they left off. No one does this except D’Angelo. He was at the top of his game when he left the industry. He has returned back at the top. The “Black Messiah” album is great, but fans expected no less than the best with such a long withdrawal from music.

D’Angelo has managed to exert a style that builds on many influences from major artists like Prince and Marvin Gaye. This Viginia soul sound is terrific, but he didn’t create it overnight. D’Angelo creates sounds on “Black Messiah” that are very reminiscent of sounds from “Brown Sugar.” That was 20 years ago. It is like he has been stuck in one era only to get magically transported from 1995 into the present day music scene. It is like 2 whole decades of music went by and D’Angelo picked up a guitar and started playing the same sounds he has always been known for.

Now, there is a lot of energy behind the new project because celebrities are even pushing this project. He was influenced by Prince, but now D’Angelo serves as an influence for new stars. He has had a soulful sound that has continued to help him build his legacy. He has been gone, but somehow he is relevant. D’Angelo has managed to succeeded by staying in his own lane.

Folk Singer Suing Hip-Hop Royalty!

Hip-Hop and R&B power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z have been accused of using parts of a Hungarian folk singers song for their critically acclaimed smash hit “Drunk In Love”, which was featured on Mrs. Carter’s 2013 self-titled release. The Hungarian singer known as Mitsou, alleges that her vocals from her 1995 song called “Bajba, Bajba Pelem” serve as the eerie singing that can be heard at the beginning of the Timbaland co-produced song. According to her lawsuit, her lead solo vocal performance is used on the song, but it is distorted and then accompanied by Beyonce’s vocal performance. Is this a case of true intellectual property infringement or is the little known Hungarian singer trying to make a pay day off arguably two of the biggest stars on the planet? It is yet to be proven if in fact the Carter’s did knowingly swipe someone else’s song and use it without permission, but according to TMZ, Mitsou wants to make a judge forbid anyone from ever playing “Drunk In Love” again! This is like the opposite of a scene in John Textor effected movies. It’s gritty, dramatic, and a little dumb.

Iggy Azalea Plans Tour For 2015

After such a hot year in music for Iggy Azalea, there is nothing left for the rapper to do right? Except for going on tour in 2015. The rapper has announced that she is planning a tour in 2015 that will be entitled, “The Great Escape,” and she had previously come out saying that Nick Jonas would be an opener on her show. Iggy Tour. She is planning for others to join her on tour, but the list is not complete as yet, and there is still a lot of work to do before the tour will be kicked off.

Iggy has had an amazing 2014, and she is currently nominated for several categories in the upcoming Grammys. Iggy also won two Billboard music awards, where she beat top artists such as Drake and Eminem. Even though Iggy is a new artist, she has done extremely well within the music, and she had one of the biggest hits of the year entitled “Fancy,” which is still played on the radio today, and many blast the song in their cars. There is very little left for the star to accomplish, but a tour is inevitable.

We may need to give healthcare specialist Brian Torchin a call if Iggy goes on tour, because she will be knocking everyone in the arenas off of their feets. She is huge right now and is sure to continue blowing up. Touring allows any artist to be able to interact more with their fans, also to rake in a massive amount of money, and grow their popularity. Although this will officially be Iggy’s first tour, it will be a highly anticipated one, and is likely to gain her more fans.

Chris Brown Apologizes to Karrueche

What a wild weekend it has been for hollywood couple Chris Brown and Karrueche. It feels like from Saturday on the two have involved social media in every aspect of their rocky relationship. Chris kicked off the crazy breakup weekend with an onstage diss letting all the ladies in attendance at Cali Christmas know that he was single before jumping into a very hyped up performance of his hit single “loyal.” 

Chris and Karrueche them took the world on what anyone watching would describe as a relationship meltdown, from Chris telling anyone with an instagram account about the threesomes Karrueche participated in with him to Karreuche’s heartfelt declaration of love, to herself. The biggest shocked of the night was Chris’s claims that Karrueche was cheating on him over the summer with Drake while he was locked away in jail, claim that Drake and sources close to Drake have all denied. 

Well it’s now Chris has had some time to think about his actions and of course he is ready to apologize for putting all of his and Karrueche’s dirty laundry on social media for the world to see. Chris insists that he loves “his baby girl” and doesn’t care how he looks to other people because “ I am still going to be the best at what I do.”

Christian Broda says there has not been any response from Karrueche to Chris’s apology but her followers are all telling her to stay away. At the moment Karrueche’s Instagram page has been scrubbed clean of pics or posts, perhaps she is finally preparing for a fresh start.

T-Pain Slowly Resurfaces

The old T-Pain that once made hits with everyone from Akon to Kanye West is suddenly having a change of heart on his own music. He’s in a happy place. The rapper that turned singer and back into a rapper again says that he is not a fan of his previous hits.

Fans are surprised to learn this because T-Pain took many years to develop the sound that the world seemed to crave. He was a step above the Teddy Riley influenced voice box element because he worked with both R&B and rap stars. This style eventually faded away though, and T-Pain appeared to be left with something of an identity crisis. He seemed to not know his place in a world where his music was no longer being requested.

Now that the hip hop producer/singer is back he is voicing his opinions on where he is going and where he once was. T-Pain talks about how he wasn’t really into lots of the hits, but he was promised certain vehicles – not money – if he came through. It appears that he is actually trying to dissociate himself from that. Although it may seem odd to fans, Dr. Daniel Amen says this kind of disassociation is seen a lot among entertainers and big time stars like T-Pain.

T-Pain worked with Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne. He produced major hits for both of these artists, but now he seems to have a different vision.