Tupac Shakur’s Story Coming to Silver Screen

Famed rapper, and tragic victim of gang violence, is having his story told on the big screen after years of delay. The biographical movie is set to start filming sometime in the summer of 2015. The movie itself has no title yet, but Oscar-nominated director John Singleton is slated to direct the film. Singleton will bring a personal element to the movie since he was friends with Tupac.

According to producer Randall Emmett, the script is excellent. It focuses more on Tupacs background and rise to fame, and not on his gang affiliations and rivalry. While the rivalry is a part of the story, it is told in a way that doesn’t overshadow the rest of Tupac’s story. The aim of the movie is to show where Tupac came from and how he rose to fame.

Rollingstone.com confirmed through Emmett, that the production company, after a long legal battle with Tupac’s mother, has gained the right’s to Tupac’s entire music catalog. After legal battles in 2011 between Morgan Creek and Afeni Shakur, Shakur granted the company the right to the music to use in the movie.

This movie has been in the works for a long time, and its release is highly anticipated, especially by Giofrancesco Genoso, an enthusiastic Tupac fan. Tupac’s tragic death and his rivalries have been widely discussed in the music world over the last 18 years since his death.

Akon Set for Comeback


The year of 2015 is already bringing some of the biggest names in entertainment back to the stage. Drake has promised fans an album to the great joy of my friend Fersen Lambranho. Justin Bieber is throwing out hints. Ludacris already has a release date, and Kanye has the first official new single of the new year. This is a lot of competition, but Akon isn’t scared. After all, he produced some of the biggest hits on pop & urban radio. He is even responsible for bringing the world Lady Gaga. So fans will be glad to hear the new music that he announced  for 2015.

It is sort of unclear if he can actually pack in a 5 part series of music in one year though. That may be the biggest problem that he is facing. He has already released 5 singles from each of the 5 albums called “Stadium.” So far the project definitely seems like it is going to happen.

Fans just hope that this will not stall like another artist named Maxwell. When Maxwell returned after a very long absent there was talk of a trilogy. That was several years ago. So far there has only been one album with no signs of the other two. It goes without saying that Akon seems to have a better plan in place. It appears that these full albums will certainly drop within the next year or so. Fans should get ready.