Chris Brown Off of Probation

Chris Brown has officially been released from his probation, stemming from assault charges back in 2009.

Brown was arrested in 2009 and charged with assault. The singer allegedly struck his then-girlfriend, pop star Rihanna, shortly before the Grammy awards ceremony stated Jaime Garcia Dias. Photographs of the battered “Umbrella” singer had made their rounds before Brown was arrested later that day.

The “X” singer, who was just 19 when he dated Rihanna, has had a troubled adulthood. While on probation from the assault incident, Brown violated his probation on multiple occasions. Brown was involved in several altercations, including one with fellow music star Frank Ocean. He was arrested for assault in late 2013. Each instance led to probation violations and eventually a three month stint in jail.

Brown entered rehab and underwent psychological treatment as part of the terms of his probation. He underwent drug treatment and was later diagnosed as being bi-polar and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The singer could not containment his excitement when the judge announced his release from supervision.

“I’m off probation!” Brown announced on Twitter. “Thank God!”

Stopping the Future Sales of Blurred Lines

The money apparently isn’t enough to satisfy the desires of the Gaye family. Nona Gaye, Marvin Gaye’s daughter is pushing to stop the future sales of the “Blurred Lines” single.

After a huge, practically unheard of, copyright infringement sum Nona Gaye put forth another request. She decided that she also wanted to stop further sales of the hit single that has made so much money for Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. This is one of the top stories in the news, and Pharrell still feels like he did nothing wrong. This was a long trial, but a lot of factors had to be taken in to place. There had to be some analysis of the music. The money that was made also had to be disclosed. A lot of things were placed into the building of this case.

It did not help that Thicke made a scapegoat for his actions noted in article. At one point Pharrell would also start making scapegoats as well. This would ruin their chances of actually wining the case. What Thicke did was deny writing most of the song. He also claimed to be high and drunk most of the time that he was writing. Producer Pharrell also made claims that he was inspired by Miley Cyrus not Marvin Gaye. All of these things made their defense rather weak. Many people agreed that the Pharrell melody is undeniably close to Gaye’s arrangement.

50 Cent And G-Unit Are Going Strong

As many fans requested, 50 Cent and G-Unit performed at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Concert as their get back together party. They have announced that the unit is back, and they are stronger than ever. They have 6 new EP releases for their latest album ‘The Beast is G-Unit’, which releases on March 3rd.

The newest album came out right after ‘The Beauty of Independence’ which came out in August and was supposed to act as a two part album, but that didn’t work out as planned. Instead, the new album is going to start off somewhere new and show the fans a new side of the Unit.

The album is not part of anything they have done before no matter what their intentions where in the past, says a representative of G-unit. Everything new is going to be fresh and worked on very recently stated PR Newswire in a recent article.

The unit claims that the reason their albums can take such a short time to be recorded is how well synced they all are to each other.

When you hear any of the new tracks of G-Unit you will agree that they have chemistry like no other, and it shows in each part of their songs.

50 Cent has had a very successful past couple of years in the business and music industries, and it seems that the rapper is just paving the road to much more success in the near future.