Eminem breaks a record in music

In recent years some artists have noticed a decrease in album and single sales but this has not been the case for Eminem. Amen Clinic healthcare professionals say that Eminem has been presented with an honor that no other artist has received.

Thanks to Eminem’s creative efforts and the support of his fans he was able to sell more than ten million copies of two of his songs. “Love the Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid” both earned Digital Diamond awards which means that they both hit the ten million copies sold mark. The honor officially came from RIAA.

Though Eminem was the first to receive this honor, he doesn’t seem very enthused about it. This could be possibly because the RIAA is about a year late in honoring the artist for his accomplishment. RIAA originally revealed that the hip hop artist met the achievement in July of 2014.

Regardless of Eminem’s response to receiving this honor, it is still a coveted accomplishment especially in the world of hip hop. With record sells down, this accomplishment will possibly give artists hope that there are still fans out there that are willing to purchase singles and albums instead of just illegally downloading them.

With this accomplishment under his belt, one can only imagine what other successes the artist will meet in his career. He is continuing to show fans and other artists that there is no limit to what you can do or accomplish.

Lil Wayne Still Not Out of Cash Money Contract

Lil Wayne has become a part owner of Tidal. When this news was announced a lot of people instantly believed that he was part of the Roc Nation roster. Wayne and Jay are friends, but that is about as far as their relationship goes right now. There is no deal on the table for Lil Wayne.

At the moment, Lil Wayne is still a part of the Cash Money team even though he doesn’t want to be. There is a lawsuit that is pending. His last album still has not been released. Creatively, it is the worst time for Lil Wayne. He may be able to record, but he doesn’t have the chance to release any official albums because of the contract with Cash Money.

Gianfrancesco Genoso speculates to anfip.org.br, Lil Wayne would be the biggest artist on the Roc Nation label if he did sign. Right now Jay-Z is signing a lot of newcomers. They have a lot of underground appeal, but artists on this label just aren’t mainstream artists. It is uncertain what Lil’ Wayne will be doing next.

Right now the timing is bad for him to be out of rotation in music. His name is getting cold because he doesn’t have new music out. He already had a long period without a new album before the promised December release. It has almost been 2 years since a full album has dropped.

Jessa Duggar Shows off 20 Week Baby Bump

Like them or not, the world loves seeing pictures of Jesse Duggar’s baby bump. She’s officially 20 weeks along. The fact that Jessa and Jill are so loved maybe the reason TLC hasn’t made an official announcement on the status of their show. Any network is always out for the bigger and better thing and the Duggar girls brought them the ratings. In fact, the network stated that they had way higher ratings during the weddings and birth of baby Israel than they did with the regular show.

Could people have tired of the “holier than thou” Duggar family lifestyle and wanted to see that they were real like everyone else? Truth be told, the drama with Joshua Duggar wouldn’t have been nearly as massive if he hasn’t been so nasty toward others and supported hate groups. The same can be said for Mrs. Duggar who made comments about the gay and lesbian community and called transgendered people pedophiles. When you put yourself out there as a Christian, you have to be willing to love everyone and not support segregation. Andy Wirth knows this is pretty essential.

Jessa Duggar is a sweet girl that just glows with pregnancy. While the drama with her family has certainly been hard, it’s not got her spirits down. She is enjoying being a newlywed and pregnant with her first child. Wonder how many children she will have and if the couple will use her parents beliefs to see what God provides?

Safaree Releases Nicki Minaj Diss Track

Nicki Minaj had a rough start to this year, but she managed to come out on top. Not only did she suffer the heartbreak of a breakup with her boyfriend of 12 years, but she had to deal with it publicly and face her fans everyday with the truth that her relationship wasn’t perfect. Safaree seemed to have just as much heartache over the breakup as Nicki but he was not in the public eye, at least not until they took their issues to Instagram in got into a back and forth shouting match online.

Regardless of her pain Nicki Minajed to pull it together and continue, she even found love with rapper Meek Mill and is currently on tour with him. The last we heard Nicki and Meek were engaged but those rumor died down quickly after Meek denied that they were on the road to the alter. Slideshare says that team members from Madison Street Capital think now it looks like Nicki’s ex Safaree is not happy with the way things ended and he wants Nicki and anyone who will listen to hear him out. Safaree is attempting to break the internet with his diss track to Nicki called “Loved The Most.”

In this depressingly honest track, Safaree pours his heart out about the jealousy of watching his girlfriend passionately kiss Nas on camera for her video. Safaree also insists that his smile often hid the pain and rejection he was feeling from Nicki and while he admitted to cheating he also accused Nicki of not only cheating but of using pills. So far Nicki has not responded to the song but we can only imagine what she is feeling right now. Apparently Safaree doesn’t know how to leave the past in the past.

D’Angelo Kicks Off Summer Tour

D’Angelo Starts His Second Coming Tour

Summer season is in full swing and is a prime opportunity for artists and bands to go on tour. Keith Mann noted that R&B artist D’Angelo is just one of those artists doing so.

D’Angelo is best known for his single “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” where he’s essentially naked and signing in front of a camera. It was in spring of 2000 when this all happened, he was in Oakland for his own concert, alongside drummer Questlove and his producer James Poyser, both of whom took a backseat to D’Angelo’s new status.

That was fifteen years ago and now the artist has returned to Oakland’s Fox Theater, for a show to kick off his Second Coming summer tour. This whole tour is in support of his comeback album entitled “Black Messiah,” but instead of the expected strip down he is known for he simply gave a standard performance fully clothed in an elegant style. Naturally, many fans have not forgotten his breakout performance from all those years ago.

One notable part of his show involving him taking the stage with singers Kendra Foster of P-Funk and Jermaine Holmes while making their own rendition of the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” icon. From there he played almost every track on his “Black Messiah” album while choosing not play any of his older hits at all, though ended it with “Untitled,” as many expected.