Medicare Advantage Simplified

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program in the United States. The majority of people with Medicare normally get their coverage from the original Medicare while around a third of the beneficiaries opt to get their benefits from Medicare Advantage plan also known as the private health plan. The Medicare Advantage Plans have contracts with the federal government and are paid fixed amount for every person to provide the Medicare benefits.

The type of Medicare Advantage Plan commonly used are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs).

If one gets enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plan, they still have Medicare. What this means is that you pay for monthly for part B premium and part A premium if you have one. Respectively, every Medicare Advantage must provide all part A and part B services that the original Medicare offer, but they are allowed to do it with different rules, restrictions and costs that will how one receive care.

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Every single Medicare Advantage Plan must comprise of a limit on out of pocket expenses for both part A and B services. The limits at many times are usually high. The plan also cannot include the cost-sharing that remains higher than would normally be under original Medicare for some services such as dialysis and chemotherapy but can have higher cost sharing for additional services.

Indeed, different types of plans have different of guidelines how and where one can get coverage. It is important therefore to check how a plan coverage works even if it is of the same type but offered by a different company.

Medicare Advantage will often charge a premium and also a Medicare part B premium. To join Medicare Advantage, you should have either of the following:

Medicare Parts A and B,
Live in the plan’s service area, and Do not have End-Stage Renal Diseases

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice service. The company is committed to giving high-quality healthcare through creating sustainable, cost effective plan that is fully integrated with today’s technology. InnovaCare Health has two Medicare Advantage plans, PMS Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico.

Rick Shinto is currently the president and the CEO of InnovaCare. He previously served as a member of managing team then became President and CEO of Aveta Inc. in 2008 to 2012. He has for over 20 years worked in clinical and healthcare with experience in manage care. He has medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and also an MBA. from the University of Redlands.

Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc is Penelope Kokkinides. She has previously worked in InnovaCare as the COO, COO of Aveta Inc., and the vice president of Clinical Operations. Kokkinides has over 20 years of healthcare experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University, master’s degree in social work from New York University.

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Darius Fisher Receives PR World Award for His Accomplishment in Digital Marketing

Darius Fisher has received the distinction of being the “Business Development Individual of the Year” in the 2016 Public Relations (PR) World Awards. This award celebrates Fisher’s important contributions in the Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and Online Reputation Management industries.


As president and co-founder of Status Labs, Fisher increased the company’s revenue growth to 939 percent during the past few years. Furthermore, Fisher has worked to ensure that the company offers numerous digital services, as well as establishing long-lasting relationships with several Fortune 500 companies and prominent figures in the industry. Fisher’s work helped to make Status Labs one of the most innovated marketing firms in the world. As one of the top marketing firms, Status Labs relies on referrals in finding new clients. Status Lab works at optimizing online presence for these new clients by creating new, fresh content. The content that Status Lab helps to create are social media profiles, videos, and news articles. Also, Status Labs works directly with the client on creating a digital marketing plan that fits the client’s needs and overall goals.


In addition to his work, Fisher is a champion of creating an excellent internal sales team, often citing the importance of motivating his employees with awards and team building activities. Moreover, Fisher motivates his employees by informing them of company news, offering sufficient raises, and offering free lunch on Fridays. This creates a team-friendly work environment. He states that this award is not only a reflection on his efforts but the entire team at Status Labs.


Darius Fisher has been invited to a 2016 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner on June 27, 2016 in San Franscisco, where he will be presented with his award.

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The Economy of Brazil


Brazil is a diverse country with a complex economy. Over the past couple of years, the economy has grown faster than the rest of the world. However, recent economic events have slowed economic growth in the country. One of the leading businessmen in Brazil is Duda Melzer. He has successfully built a variety of different companies in the country, and he is one of the most influential people in business in Brazil today. He strongly believes that the country will experience high levels of economic growth in the future.

Investing in Brazil

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when investing in Brazil. Not only is the country growing, but the needs of the people are changing as well. More people than ever before are graduating college in Brazil, and an emerging middle-class will demand more out of the country. In addition, the personal income levels of everyone in the country will increase over time. This is something that Duda Melzer believes will fuel future economic growth in the country.

Business Ideas

One of the things that makes Duda Melzer unique is all of the business ideas that he brings to the table. In the past, he was usually one of the first people into new industries. This gave him a huge advantage over the rest of the market. If economic growth in Brazil does continue to slow down, he has a business plan to sustain his income. His willingness to plan for the future is one of the things that sets him apart from other people in the industry.

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Quickly Fixing Your Business Reputation

Online reputation management plays a key factor in companies and is a vital part of their survival. We are in the information age and technology, data, and trends move very fast. One moment you can be at the top of the charts and the next moment at the bottom of the barrel. Having blemished web presence can affect potential customers or even professional candidates that may want to work with your organization. Online reputation management services can even help individuals with a bad online reputation. If a human resources department can pull up your resume online they can also pull up photos of you drunk at the pool and cost you that dream job. Online reputation management helps individuals and companies in filtering out the unwanted attention they may have online.

Better Reputation can help you with any negative exposure you may have online. They understand how to protect your image and promote a variety of solutions to resolve all matters swiftly. All employees are based in the United States. You don’t have to pay for services anymore and pray the person on the other end of the phone understood what you were saying. This is why we took the language barrier out of the equation. All of the work is guaranteed and if the job requires an extension to be completed it is at no cost to you. At Better Reputation, your business is very serious to us. We want you to know that once we get started on your project we don’t stop work until it gets completed.


Swiss Banker Mike Baur Believes Young Entrepreneurs Will Shape The Future Of The Global Marketplace

The world is a lot smaller than it was in the 1960s. The United States has played a part in making the business world come together, but other countries have been equally important in reshaping the way countries do business with one another. Most corporations can’t overlook the buying and selling potential that exists in other countries, but most corporations don’t have the knowledge they need to be successful when they leave the confines of their borders and venture out into the world marketplace. Swiss Banker Mike Baur is one of the men that helps startup companies learn the “ins and outs” of doing business in other countries. Baur founded the Swiss company Bainso. Bainso helps companies understand the rigors of international as well as domestic business issues. Baur’s main focus is startup companies.

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Und noch ein «Aussteiger» wird Fintech-Investor

Mike Baur: Co-Founder & Managing Partner Zurich

Mike Baur has an impressive track record in the Swiss banking. Mike was one of the top bankers at the Swiss banking firm, Clariden Leu. And when Mike Baur went to work for Sallfort, a private banking institution, he handled private equity transactions. Baur has more than 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry, and today, he uses what he learned to mentor startup companies that need guidance and internal structuring in order to stay solvent in the competitive world of international business. Baur likes to work with young entrepreneurs and as a member of the Swiss Startup Factory, he gets a chance to give young business people direction when it comes to operational structure and internal and outside financing issues.

The Swiss Startup Factory offers young companies digital technologies, coaching, mentoring, industry expertise, and access to clients, partners, and investors that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to in their daily business affairs. Mike Baur is an important mentor for young entrepreneurs that need the services of the Swiss Startup Factory. But Baur is also deeply involved in Bainso, and he has made an enormous amount of progress helping young companies survive during the recession that has devastated many European countries where Bainso clients do business. Baur has been able to guide his clients through difficult financial times thanks to his financial connections and his business knowledge.

Baur is making a difference in the business world, and he is playing an important role in the Swiss business community. But even though Baur is a dedicated teacher, business executive, and financial expert, he is also a man that spends a great deal of time with his family in the Zurich area. 

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