InnovaCare Health CEO Richard Shinto Appoints S. Bhasker as Chief Information Officer

Leading Puerto Rican provider of managed healthcare services in North America, InnovaCare Health introduced S. Bhasker as the new Chief Information Officer to join the executive team. CEO, Richard Shinto selected Bhasker based on his credentials in information technology and prior experience. Bhasker earned undergraduate and graduate certificates in mechanical engineering, business administration and information systems. He holds bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree from Indiana Institute of Technology and the School of Business at New York University. Shinto hired him to manage and oversee the information technology department and providers connectivity unit at the company.

InnovaCare Health is dedicated to communities in North America to provide reliable healthcare through their models that are economical using advanced technologies. The company offers two major healthcare programs, Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. Medicare Advantage Plan Types comprise of HMOs, PPOs, PFFs, SNPs, PSOs, and MSAs. These are private Medicare health plans that contract with the federal government, and are offered at a fixed price per individual. Each plan type has its own set of guidelines and rules to obtain coverage and benefits.

To join InnovaCare Health’s Medicare Advantage Plan, the applicant must have parts A & B of Medicare. The applicant also has to reside in the service area the plan is offered and free of the end-stage renal disease. The plans cover most emergency and medical services, excluding hospice care. Select a Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organization, Private Fee-For-Service, Special Needs, Provider Sponsored Organization, or Medicare Medial Savings Accounts plan type. Additional coverage is available for hearing, dental, health & wellness programs, and vision.

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InnovaCare Inc Company Profile

InnovaCare Health is led by Richard Shinto, M.D. and Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. Shinto and Kokkinides have 20 years of experience in the healthcare and medical industry. Rick Shinto joined the company with expertise in clinical healthcare, operational healthcare, and medical management. Penelope brings valuable knowledge in clinical operations, Medicare & Medicaid government programs, clinical program development, and care management.

S. Bhasker joined InnovaCare Health with prior experience working for AETNA International, American Enterprise Groups and Coppers & Lybrand. He brings extensive expertise in information technology and held executive positions as Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Information Officer. Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides and Bhasker will work collectively to provide consumers access to provider networks and Medicare Advantage Programs. InnovaCare recently joined HHS to help with the reform of the U.S. health payment system.

Malini Saba Shares Secrets to Success

In a recent interview, Malini Saba shared some insight into what has helped her become such a successful philanthropist and business leader. Saba is likely best known for her prominent position as Chairman of Saban, a leading international investment company. She is also the founder of the company, which she originally launched because she wanted to help companies that do not qualify for more traditional venture capitalist funding to get off the ground. Now, Saban holds investment interests all across the globe in U.S. tech companies, oil and gas in China and real estate in India and Australia.

When asked about where she sees her future in business headed, Saba says that commodity markets are particularly exciting for her because they present plenty of opportunities for investment. Even though Saba acknowledges that the commodity market can be very volatile at times, she says it has the potential for great returns. With almost three years under her belt as a dynamic entrepreneur, Saba knows exactly what it takes to ride out the wave in the startup phase of a company. She is always undeterred by challenges and rises to the occasion to accomplish her goals. In running a successful company, she says she tries to surround herself with people who have a similar passion for hard work and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

One of the major things that sets Saba apart from other business leaders is that she is not afraid to take risks. Saba says that she prides herself in being able to seek out situations that may be overlooked by other investors and is able to quickly calculate risk in taking the path less traveled. This approach has certainly been profitable for Saba and her company. She has been able to find opportunity in unlikely scenarios and use her strong will to succeed to keep going when others may have run in the opposite directions. As a word of wisdom, Saba encourages future business leaders to try to adopt this approach early on in their careers so that they can begin to distinguish themselves from others. A proactive approach to all aspects of business can take you well ahead of the crowd, according to Saba.

As a parting piece of advice, Malini Saba says that regrets in business are pointless. Every decision has the potential to teach you something you would not otherwise have learned.

ClassDojo Creates Student Sharing

Many projects that students work on at school never leaves the classroom. It can be a science experiment, history project, short story, or poem. Parents don’t get to see some of the creative work their children have accomplished. ClassDojo want to change this by adding a new feature to its application.

The new feature is Student Stories a way for student to upload photos, and videos of their work so that parents can see what they do in school. Parents will get to see some of the more exciting project said Liam Don co-founder and chief product officer at ClassDojo. He hopes that this will increase conversation between parents and kids about learning in school.

Student Stories will allows children to catalog their work and take pride in it throughout the year. Many parents work more than one job and cannot always attend parents night or conferences. This app can build a better sense of community between schools, teachers, and families. The ClassDojo application launched in 2011 is in two thirds of US schools.They focus primarily on K-8 classrooms.

This new application will let students communicate with parents about school.Some teachers use Student Stories to communicate with parents and teach social skills. Teachers can use class wide or individual devices when teaching like an IPad. Using a QR code can access ClassDojo to post. At end of day teacher can read the post to approve them to send to parents.

In classrooms that Student Stories was tesed the kids became very excited about showing and sharing their work. Teachers too were supportive of an app that focused on all the students and their work. It provides quick communication between parent, teachers, and students.

ClassDojo is an application that help teachers, students and parents share the wonder of learning. It builds classroom skills like teamwork and persistence by sharing videos and photos of class project in science, history, and other subjects. It has instant messages, photos, videos, and announcements. It works on IOS, Kindle Fire, and any computer. It is free to teachers.

The ClassDojo staff listens to teachers to design applications that make classrooms exciting. Its staff are teachers that know how the classroom works and this gives them a cutting edge on success.

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