CEO Andy Wirth Elected Chair Of Airport Commmission

Squaw Valley Resort CEO Andy Wirth was recently appointed as President of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RTRASC), according to a press release.  Andy Wirth has been a part of the resort industry for over 25 years, having served as an executive with Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth is seen as an important mover and shaker in the ski industry. He took over Squaw Valley in 2010 and turned it into one of the most successful ski resorts in the U.S.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to run one of the most thriving airports in the world,” said Wirth. “I am truly humbled that my colleagues would award me with such an honor.”

As chairman, Wirth will be responsible for negotiating new air flights to and from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. More air flights will drum more business to the downtown area. Wirth is currently working on many expansions to Alaska, Colorado and Colorado. “This will do wonders for the tourism industry,” said Wirth. After the last few years of drought, we are looking at many angles to recoup what we loss.”

Wirth, a graduate of Colorado State University, developed his love for the outdoors while working at the parks service. He soon found his footing while working at Steamboat Springs Resort.

An avid outdoorsman, Wirth participated in a number of activities that would make even the most daring man faint of heart. His affinity for skydiving almost cost him his life. Three years ago, he had a hard landing in a vineyard that ripped his arm off. Today, after several surgeries and physical therapy, he has regained 80% mobility of his arm.

Wirth says the ordeal taught him not to take life for granted. “Every minute counts. You can be here today and gone tomorrow in a blink of the eye.”

Talk To Your Loved Ones For Less Than The Competition

Talking on the phone is a major requirement for inmates that want to transition outside of the facility, talk to their loved ones, and speak to their legal counsel. They are dependent on secure calls that are reasonably priced for their loved ones. The cost of inmate calls has been a major concern for inmates and their families for years. Securus Technologies is now offering their customers a reliable correctional calling network. Securus has been proudly serving the community for over 20 years as an inmate calling regulator, but now they hail as a leading network provider processing billions of calls annually.


They recently acquired a Certification 1 that allows them to be able to reach a global network. Securus is proud to employee over 546,00+ IT professionals. They will be well equipped in correctional communications, monitoring, safety, and surveillance. International certification will also let them improve the network. They can ensure their customers will get every minute specified under their service agreement. Talk to your loved ones in an institution when it matters the most. Securus Technologies works hard to put their customers expressed needs first. Your loved ones will be glad to save time and money with Securus.


Features Include:


Video Chat


Video chat features offer a great opportunity for loved ones to communicate face-to-face. Your disabled loved ones never have to leave home with video chat capabilities from Securus. Customers receive high definition video and impeccable sound quality.


Inmate Voicemail


Your loved ones can call the actual correctional facility and leave a message for you on their access line. They simply retrieve the message when they have ample time and never have to miss another phone call again. Inmates have their own personalized telephone answering service to meet their expressed needs.


Has Don Ressler Been Successful?

Don Ressler is the CEO and the founder of the popular online brand, JustFab. He works with this business partner, Adam Goldenberg, to make sure that they are able to provide women with just what they need on this site. Before the invention of JustFab, Don Ressler was very successful with his other businesses. He made sure that he was always able to be successful and that he was one of the best no matter what industry he was in. This was something that allowed him to propel his career into JustFab and to sue the contacts that he made while he was doing it.

Don Ressler and Adam met while they were doing business. While they had both been in business in different industries, they both recognized that they were wildly successful. They knew that Ressler and Goldenberg had to work together to make something that would be better than anything that anyone had ever seen before. This is the way that JustFab was born. It was the result of two business geniuses coming together to find something that would work for everyone and something that would change the Internet as well as the way that people shop when they are online.

JustFab is a subscription service that the two came up with. Women log onto the site and take a quick quiz on Wikipedia that will dictate what their style is. They can make different choices and can even change answers later on if their taste in clothing changes. Based on this, they are sent a box each month that will allow them to never have to worry about the stress that comes with traditional shopping. A new outfit each month is something that many of the women who use JustFab look forward to without the hassle of having to actually shop for said outfit.

The JustFab brand is not just all about clothing, though. They have different options on Fabletics is the athletic wear division of JustFab. It is clothing that is designed for comfort, functionality, and performance. People can enjoy working out when they look good doing it in Fabletics. Another division of the company is ShoeDazzle which focuses on shoes and there are even options for kids who do not want to have to do shopping for clothing. The JustFab brand has brought more than fashion to women: it has brought convenience that has changed the way that women will do shopping forever.

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