The Best Time For An Event

If there is one time of the year that is great for events, it is Christmas. This is the time of the year that is the most celebrated of all of the other times of the year because people will be able to enjoy the presents that they get. However, it is important for people that are planning on hosting a big celebration to make sure that they are working on something that is really memorable as an event. One of the important things to know when it comes to an event is that it requires the help of a few people.


Among the people that could help with Christmas celebrations are event planners in NYC. They have a lot of experience when it comes to these types of events. They also have the creativity to come up with something that will not only get people into the Christmas spirit, but make this Christmas stand out from others. In order to make sure that one is able to get the event that he wants, he has to spend time with the right event planning companies in New York so that he will be able to have his ideas brought to life.


One event planning company that is really good about bringing forth the best possible event this Christmas is Twenty Three Layers. The professionals that work for this company are very creative. They can come up with some great ideas that translate well into the event. One thing that is very important about the event is the ability to catch the attention of the people that are attending the event. It is also important for people to be engaged in the event. If people feel left out of the event, then they are less likely to remember the event. This is why it is a good idea to provide activities for people.


Event planning is something that is very important because this is where a lot of creativity can come in. People with the best imagination and the ability to bring their ideas to life are the ones that are going to come up with the most enjoyable events.

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Helane Morrison Is Someone Who Is Confident And Efficient

There are few people that shine in any field. Helane Morrison is someone who shines in the compliance office. One of the reasons that she stands out from among the others is that she knows the laws and she interprets it from the standpoint of the little person or the consumer as opposed to the big corporations. One thing that could be said about big corporations is that they are surprisingly powerful in that they are allowed to get away with plenty of violations against their customers. However, one of the ways they are able to get away with such violations is that they are able to go after those that they perceive to be not so well liked. However, Helane does not find this to be very successful.


All Helane wants if fairness. She wants people to be treated with respect and regard whether or not they have a lot to offer. For one thing, if they have enough to do business with a corporation, then they should be treated fairly. However, it is the people that are considered lower that the corporations aim all of their violation attempts on. Therefore, it is important that someone stands up to these corporations.


Helane works assertively towards fairness. One thing she does is remind the companies about the rules that they are breaking so that they will not be allowed to go too far with their practices. Helane has been so effective because of her confidence in which to move forward. Her confidence stems from her knowledge of the law. She also figures out where to start. If she can’t figure out where to start, then she concludes that one place is as good as another to bring people the law that they are breaking in their methods of conducting business.



Don Ressler is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. His first startup was which was later bought by Intermix Media. In the year 2001. After this significant stint as an entrepreneur, he collaborated with another 19-year-old startup genius Adam Goldenberg to start Alena Media. Under them, the advertising and performance team prospered and became very profitable for Intermix. Later in 2005, when Intermix was bought by News Corp, Alen Media was devastatingly ignored. This made Don and Adam frustrated which made them leave to start their own independent enterprise Intelligent Beauty, a brand building business. Intelligent Beauty created many profitable marketplace products like SENSA, DREMSTORE.

JustFab is the baby of Intelligent Beauty. This e-commerce fashion retailer was started in 2011. In the first year of its inception, Just Fab reached the capacity of about 6 million members. In the second round of funding, JustFab received about $76 million from Rho Ventures, Cross Ventures, Intelligent Beauty and Matrix Partners. After the initial success, JustFab was now ready to go international. In Jan 2013, the company bought the fashion subscription Fabkids. In the same year, JustFab acquired the ownership of the European Subscription the Fab Shoes. Until the end of the year 2013, the company had about 3 million members all across Europe. On October 1, 2013, JustFab attracted Fabletics which is an athletic clothing line. The clothing line was started in collaboration with Kate Hudson. JutsFab expanded its business by the successful acquisition of its rival partner ShoeDazzle,

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JustFab made an important announcement on August 31, 2016 when it decided to extend sizes in its Ready to Wear Collection. This was a huge step taken in order to respect women of all sizes. The leading fashion subscription incorporated sizes from XS to 3X and 24 to 34. Don Ressler expressed that each and every woman deserves to feel confident and good in whatever they are wearing. This new all-inclusive idea is set to fulfill the need of every woman shopping in JustFab.

In addition to all that, in 2016, JustFab Inc., with member brands like JustFab, Fabkids, ShoeDazzle under its belt was rebranded with the new name of TechStyle Fashion Group. Ressler and Goldenberg aim to make TechStyle a name of the new era where fashion meets Silicon Valley. Also, The Fashion Group is focused on the amalgamation of new technology and the latest fashion style to give shoppers new experience.

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