Dr. Clay Siegall & The Future of Cancer Research


Cancer is one of those devastating illnesses that is wide spread across the world. In some or fashion, everyone has been touched by this disease either directly or indirectly. Cancer is caused by many things and it can manifest in vital human organs. The urge to eradicate this deadly disease is foregoing and over the past decade or so, many advanced medications have been brought into play. Antibody Drug Conjugates, which labelled are cancer breakthrough therapies, have taken over the market thanks to their cancer fighting capabilities. These medication are aggressive as they’ll attack cancerous cells within the body then give them cell killing blows. Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington is the leader in cancer research as they produce these mighty medications in abundance.

Seattle Genetics specializes in the development and commercialization of these drugs and as of today, Forbes ranked it as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. ADCETRIS is the flagship drug and it has racked up over $350 Million, which has caused the company’s stock to triple over a 5 year span. Of course any great company has to have great leadership and Seattle Genetics is no exception. DR. Clay Siegall is the head man in charge as well as the founder of this excellent organization. Dr. Siegall has natural talent for getting things done thanks to his determination, passion, and persistence. His resume speaks for itself as he’s written 70 successful publications, won numerous philanthropic awards, and he currently holds up to 15 patents. That’s right! The guy is literally a genius with the heart of gold.

With so much success, cancer research is thriving with much more optimism. Since it’s inception back in the late 90’s, Seattle Genetics has remained to be a positive play maker for the industry and Dr. Clay Siegall controls it all.


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