2 Habits That Will Make You A More Successful Litigator By Karl Heideck

Litigators have the ability to rise to the top of their profession. Ask Karl Heideck and he will tell you the same thing. What makes litigators successful at what they do?

“They have the skills. They also learn certain habits along the way that help them. Each step will get you there. You just have to take your time. You have to have a clear purpose. You also need to rely on design, not reflex action. You need to define your goals every step of the way. Be focused. This is the only way you will make it to the top of your profession”.
–Karl Heideck

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We asked Karl Heideck if there were any special tips he can recommend to those looking to follow in his footsteps. He gave us 2 important tips to consider.

1) According to Karl Heideck, you need to visualize the end goal. Visualize the goal you have in mind. Do mock-ups and play pretend. You need to practice how the trial will go. Visualize every scenario and you will get there.

2) According to Karl Heideck, you need to look at every opportunity. Do not turn away something because you are waiting for the big “payday”. It does not work this way. Take every opportunity you get and learn from it. It is these building blocks that make a good litigator. Good litigators rely on both their fails and successes. Build everything from the ground up. This way you can spot the holes in your case work and fix them.

“A good litigator does not go into this profession looking to make lots of money. It is about the process. It is about the people you help. It is about the education and learning curves you get. It is about character. Everything else is icing on the cake”.

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How Lori Senecal has assisted Corporations in Attaining their Advertisement Goals

According to Adweek, Lori Senecal is among the most accomplished women in marketing and advertising industry. She is a frontrunner in the formation of innovative advertising practices and has developed various creative technologies that are used in solving challenges in business. Senecal has an excellent career record, and this enabled her to be appointed by CP+B (Crispin Porter + Bogusky). Before being offered the positions, she served as the worldwide executive chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS+). Most people who have worked with her say that she is never in her comfort zone, and this has greatly facilitated her career success. During her time as KBS’ executive chairperson, she played a significant role in assisting the firm in expanding its international vision. She has excellent work ethics that helped the company in growing globally. Lori has set a target that she wants to accomplish in her life. She was born in Montreal, Canada and is the last born in her family.

Senecal schooled at the McGill University. Another corporation that she served is the McCann Erickson and acted as the president of its New York-based office. She worked for major companies such as Xbox and Coca-Cola by assisting them in running their advertisement campaigns. Lori believes in using distinctive styles in conducting advertising activities. She is appreciated for her outstanding creative talent, smartness, and ability to solve various marketing issues. Her leadership enabled KBS to grow into an international agency that is served by over 800 employees. The roles that she played in the advertising campaigns of leading companies such as Victoria Secret Pink, BMW, Boar’s Head, HomeGoods, Vanguard, and American Express assisted her in being a leading professional in the industry.

The marketing expert has also been supporting other women to be successful in their professions. She attended the 3% Conference, which is a seminar that was created to inspire women in the advertising industry so as to raise their percent from 3% to 11%. Senecal spoke to the women at the event on how she has strived to be successful in her career and the challenges that she has faced.

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Securus Technologies Is The Future of Security And Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies facilitates criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, the safety of the public, monitoring and corrections. We provide immense benefits to the family, friends and the society.


We believe in giving tremendous benefits to the inmates like reduction in their pricing, special video calling, enhanced usage of the products by the detainees, good healthcare and excellent opportunities for communication by utilizing many gadgets. We strive to include those products that we possess and will continue to make more products to save lives and also help in the prevention of crimes.


We have developed a gadget wherein an inmate who is in jail, can utilize our device for active communication with the persons. He may communicate with recorded and secure voice, text, video or email messages on a platform that is central. This platform has got instant access to the database to facilitate songs, books, and medical attention.


When we enable the inmate to utilize their mobile gadgets, this will allow them to get information to important phone numbers. This will help them to get bailed out in a shorter duration of time. Securus Technologies plays a pivotal role in the monitoring of the communications.


You may get access to absolutely secure data. We provide this to all the inmates nowadays and at affordable rates. We have the cutting edge technology and advanced products, and we use them for making the people beneficial.


Securus Technologies’ primary objective is to have focused on the associations. Securus Technologies can make a great difference in the prevention of crime. We enable the law enforcement agencies to feed and gather information.


We are there to connect and serve the people to make the world a safe place to live in. We are the best in this industry and make an effort to improve day by day.


What Does James Dondero Think About Argentina Sovereign Debt?

In 2008, the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) made a lot of headlines due to their serious sovereign debt problems. In 2014, Argentina followed suit. Was 2008 a “tell” for Highland Capital President James Dondero?


“Similar Nations”


Whether people want to admit it or not, the world is becoming smaller. Many nations are following very similar economic policies. When one nation has financial problems, it can have a ripple effect on other nations. Why?


Nations trade with one another. If Argentina cannot pay its contractors, then they might be forced to lay off some employees. Those employees cannot buy Greek yogurt or Irish harps.


Argentina sovereign debt was added to the Highland Capital fund because it was very cheap. James Dondero only had to spend 70 cents on the dollar for the debt. So, some would argue that if Highland could get payment of 100 cents, it would be great. Highland was repaid at 120 cents, which was a windfall.


“Why Argentina?”


There is a “lag” effect with nation-states. Because they are so large, they can usually move money around from account to account. But eventually, even nations must pay the piper. Argentina realized this when it elected Mauricio Macri in late 2015. He could offer an economic recovery, if the capital markets were re-opened to Argentina.


Argentina might be the second-most important nation in South America. It has a solid infrastructure and educated population. If “alpha analysts” compare it to Portugal, then Argentina would win out. Portugal infrastructure is dilapidated and its population is not as well-educated.


“James Dondero is Giving”


Some might believe that hedge fund managers can be “ice cold” and not have a heart, but that is not true with James Dondero. His Highland firm’s charitable giving amounts to around $3.5 million each year. James Dondero explained, “if we see something we think could be transformative, we make meaningful contributions.”


A good example of this philanthropy is “Reasoning Mind,” which provides computers for math studies from pre-kindergarten to the seventh grade in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This prepares the next generation of leaders.


Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic World

Adam Milstein is a name well renowned as one of the world’s most dedicated philanthropists. He’s also known as the top Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Most associate his name with his many business achievements. Hager Pacific has a portfolio of hundreds of properties it’s currently managing worth over $2 billion.

While his professional career is one for the history books, his philanthropic endeavors could easily rival it. His many works within the Jewish communities of the world has made him one of the most established pro-Israel advocates ever. As an Israel native, his love for his home country extends to his people even further.

One of his most notable recognitions is all the work accomplished by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization he co-founded with his wife. The foundation financially supports and offers mentoring for students all over the world to get in touch with their Jewish heritage and strengthen their bond to Israel.

After all these years working with Jewish families and individuals, Milstein has only become more devoted to the cause. He continues to his works throughout the world and has actually begun expanding his efforts, involving more organizations.

Since its founding, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has reached hundreds of students and reconnected them with their heritage. Many of the young students have even said that the lessons that they’re learning are invaluable educational experiences that they will always cherish and remember. In recognition of his many philanthropic accomplishments, Adam Milstein’s name was added to the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.

Along with his dedication to the educating young Jews, Milstein is also passionate about fostering a healthy relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Another of his organizations, the Israeli-American Council, is solely dedicated to that mission. Nowadays, Milstein devotes much of his time to spearheading the effort to influence America’s foreign policy regarding Israel and Jewish concerns.

Adam Milstein is also a talented writer who uses his words to further his mission of advocating for the Jewish community.


Get Silky Smooth Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

Get industry inspired soft sultry lips with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. They go deep within the skin tissue with all-natural ingredients that are preferred over other leading brands like Chapstick. Individuals are looking for organic skin care products that won’t threaten their skin. EOS lip balm products are completely hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. Join amazing celebrities like Kim K. and Miley Cyrus and join the new organic skin care solution that has been chosen by thousands of women around the world. Get ultra-moist lips from your very first application with products that have proven results.


Evolution of Smooth is a remarkable lip care product that gives you easy to absorb jojoba oil extracts and shea butter contents. You can also get unique vitamins that comesm packed with vitamin C and E. Get delectable flavors that will immerse your lips with one of a kind scents along with superior protection. Get flavors like lemon drop, sorbet, or their popular two pack wildberry blend. You can order their products exclusively from their website or Amazon.com with many promotional and first-time purchase options. You will never want to use Chapstick products once you’ve experience the benefits of Evolution of Smooth lip balm products.


Get a list of products from their exclusive website. They offer unique ingredients that offer a one of a kind solution which dig deep into your skin to give you one of a kind protection that protects against UV rays and extreme temperatures. You can also find their products at your favorite retailer like Target Costco and Walmart. They offer the same collection of EOS lip balm products that you can find at the Evolution of Smooth.Ca website. You’re encouraged to take charge of your lips today with the benefits of organic EOS lip balm therapy. https://www.costco.ca/eos%C3%A2%E2%80%9E%C2%A2-Lip-Balm-6-pack.product.100322342.html

Holding The Hair Back With Wengie

When you’re sitting in class or doing anything at work or around the house and your hair keeps falling out of a clip, improve the grip by applying a strip of hot glue to the inside. This is the same design that some of the expensive clips utilize and keeps the clip from falling as it grips the hair securely. Let the glue dry as long as possible before putting it in the hair, and avoid getting it wet as this can loosen the glue.

Talk Fusion Works for Families

There are a lot of uses for a video chat app, but some of the best people to get it are ones who don’t always see their families. This may include military as well as just families who are spread out across nations or even just a state. You might be wondering how it can help them and maybe even you.



Holidays can get very hard without family in your life. You may not have had a Holiday away from them and this might be your first. Using an app like Talk Fusion can help you with this feeling of being alone. You can set up a video chat that works to show you what they are doing and they can see what you are doing. This is a great thing for people who live so far from each other. You can use it to feel like you are in the same room having the same things. For military, this can help you to not miss the other person quite so much or for you to see the family you are away from while living in a different area.


Special Days

If a family member is graduating and you can’t get there because of a physical or other issue, then this works well for you. You can have someone who is at the graduation or other special day turn on the video chat and use it like you are there yourself. This can help you to feel better about the whole thing and can make you feel more included.


Another day you might not want to miss is a birthday. The video chat options can really change the feeling of not being there to seeing everything that is going on and feeling like you are a part of it.


Talk Fusion is a wonderful tool that helps you or others feel like they are in the same place. This makes a huge difference in how they are experiencing the world and seeing the people you care about. Talk Fusion knows it’s hard to be in a far away place from your family, but they are there to help you feel connected.




Learn More with Wessex Institute Journals

Wessex Institute of Technology is a community which has grown over the years. An institution that promotes the development of science and technology, it has created opportunities for many students, lecturers and researchers alike. It’s main contribution to the world of science and technology is through organizing conferences which bring people together to exchange ideas every once in a while.

Another major contribution by the Institute is through journal publication. The Institute has a publishing center which is commonly referred to as the Wessex Press. The Press is charged with the responsibility of publishing journals and books by authors from all over the world. Some of the topics which authors have written and published on include sustainable development, climate change solutions, recent advancements in science and newer technologies.

The Institute also has an e-library where some of these books and journals can be accessed. You can also visit their library in England.

Why learn Kabbalah

The organization was established in 1922 in Jerusalem by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Its aim was to spread the news of Kabbalah. With the useful teaching and dedicated members, the organization has grown to gain a world –class appreciation. Currently, the Kabbalah wisdom is spread covering more than 40 cities in all the continents. The organization so far has seen their goals achieved of spreading the knowledge across the globe. Rav and the followers of Kabbalah believe that with the current rise in the level of terror attacks and bad vices in the society, it’s only the Kabbalah teaching that can make the world a better place to live. The teachings once implemented are meant to ensure that there is global peace. According to the teachings, one could evade death if he wholesome obeyed the instructions of the Kabbalah.

The center is a big believer that we were created as achievers. The perception of life is what makes the differences between different persons. They believe that there is only one way to ensure you can trigger your capabilities and it’s only through implementing the Kabbalah teachings. The attributes connected to kabbalah wisdom are honest, transparency that makes life an enjoyment to live.The best thing about learning Kabbalah is the flexibility of their classes. One always has the choice to decide where he wants his classes. That is he may opt for live classes in one of their centers or through online platform. It makes it possible for all to have the understanding of the knowledge at their flexible time.

They moreover have the best approach to learning where they in co-operate both the theory and practical classes to ensure that the knowledge is understood. Theoretically, they have online classes, classrooms, books and video tapes. There are also volunteering classes where the learner applies the teachings in his day’s activity. Moreover, in helping the community at various needs the students understand the impact the skills bestowed to them can change the society as a whole.In ensuring there is quick understanding of the wisdom the center constantly have the meet up seminars, museums that bring persons together and thus exchanging their knowledge and understanding.