How Well Does Wen Work?

If you’ve been thinking about getting some new hair product to improve the look and overall health of your tresses, you’re not alone. A number of women have considered using Wen after seeing the YouTube ads with a number of celebrities that have endorsed the product. Before you decide to become a Wen customer, check out the Fig conditioner review by Bustle’s Emily McClure.

Emily agreed to try the conditioner for one full week. McClure says she enjoyed the scent of the conditioner, and says that she chose the Amazon best selling Almond variety from Wen because it is formulated to make the hair shinier. She noticed that it took lots of conditioner to treat the hair, but says that her hair felt and looked better after just one wash.

Emily noticed that the Wen conditioner made her hair thicker and oilier, so when she curled her hair, the curls didn’t stay for very long. However, she says that her hair was still healthy and shiny. Before the end of the week, Emily went out with friends and they noticed that her hair was shinier and healthier than usual.

Even though the conditioner made her hair noticeably greasier, Emily says that she’d use Wen Fig conditioner again and would recommend the product to women with thin hair.For more product info, visit

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Choosing a Hair Care System

Wen is a hair care system created by world renown hair stylist Chaz Dean. The system is comprised of several types of conditioning shampoo. For example, the one used in an article by in Marie Clair, written by stylist Emily McClure, was the fig variety. Each type focuses on a different hair care issue. The shampoo is not unique because it’s a 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo. It is unique because it doesn’t lather. It is devoid of the harsh chemicals that trigger a shampoo to lather. It leaves out this part and focuses on the cleansing part. You see, the lather is what we perceive as being needed for cleansing. This is an illusion and is proven by the WEN by Chaz hair care system. Wen products are Sephora¬†available and can also be bought online thru

How to Choose a Hair Care System

Choosing the right hair care system to stick to can be a challenge. The thing to remember is knowing the hair care challenge that is uniquely yours. Some of the questions you’ll want to ask are: Do I have oily or dry hair? Is my hair somewhere in the middle of oily and dry? Is my hair limp or thin? How much styling product must I use to achieve the desired result? What is the desired result? These questions and whatever others are important to you should be asked.

Now, you can begin the important job of hunting down the perfect shampoo for you. The tip of the day is this: make sure it has very few harsh chemicals in it. This means it’s cleaning the hair without leaving its own residue on it or stripping it.Stripping is something that happens often and it takes the integrity out of the hair leaving it lifeless and dull of shine simply remember “no lye” and you’ll be fine. For more hair care tips, visit the Wen channel on YouTube.

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