Christoper Burch Goes From Selling $10 Sweaters To Billionaire Investor

One of the hottest new trends is the combination of technology and fashion. Over the last few decades fashion designers have been coming up with an increasing number of innovative ways to combine technology into the clothing people wear. For example, carrying your music with you has evolved from the boom box, to the Walkman and now to the iPod and cellphones that play any type of music you like.


This combination of fashion and technology has turned into wearable technology which combines fashion with functionality. Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht has created a drink-making dress and a self-painting dress called DareDroid and Pseudomorphs respectively. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have created a wearable Airbag for Cyclists. And firefighters can now find greater protection by wearing Frontline Gloves made by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan.


Designers are also using recycled materials to make fabulous fashions. SegraSegra uses recycled bicycle inner tubes to make t-shirts and jackets. There’s also a gown Emma Whiteside produced from recycled radiator copper. There are also running shoes that charge cell phones and Google Glass which incorporate digital technology into eyeglasses worn by fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg’s models on the catwalk.


These are just a few of the innovative items that combine fashion and technology pointed out by Christopher Burch in a recent article. Raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Burch became involved in the fashion industry in 1976 as an undergraduate at Ithaca College. He and his brother Robert turned a $2,000 investment into the highly success Eagle’s Eye Apparel. Initially, they simply bough $10 sweaters and sold them for $15 on campus by going door-to-door. Eventually they began manufacturing their own ‘preppy sweater’ at an even lower price and sold them on other campuses and in retail stores.


Christopher Burch has since become a billionaire investor. He founded the New York-based investment company Burch Creative Capital and invests in real estate worldwide, companies like C. Wonder which sells home d├ęcor, apparel and accessories and his wife’s company Tory Burch fashion. He also produced Watch It, a feature-length romantic comedy directed by Tom Flynn and was an early investor in Internet Capital Group. Burch has also invested in telecommunications, Voss Water, Poppin, the online office retailer, Nihiwatu Resort, BaubleBar and E.D, tEllen DeGeneres’ lifestyle collection.


Burch is on the board of numerous organizations and in 2013, he donated $1.3 million to the Tilton School, his alma mater.