Brazil: The Time Is Now

Investing In Brazil: Igor Cornelsen’s Top 3 Tips was a December 2014 PRNewswire article in which Cornelsen discusses the investment climate in Brazil. The article mentions the reasons for the economic down turns in Brazil since 2008. He then goes on to highlight the economic potential of Brazil. Cornelsen wraps up the article with 3 essential tips to follow when investing in Brazil.

One has to understand the background of the article’s author in order to put its main point into context. Igor Cornelsen was one of Brazil’s top investment bankers. At one point he managed a large percentage of Brazil’s gross economy. He is a highly respected consultant in the finance world.

In the article Cornelsen begins with explaining the cause of Brazil’s economic woes. He makes the claim that there has been too much government interference in the markets. He also states that financial scandals have had a negative impact on investment. However, his article is really about an investment opportunity.

Igor Cornelsen’s main point is that now is the time to start investing in Brazil. He believes that the price of stocks in Brazil have reached their bottom. He argues that Brazil’s abundant natural resources and success in agricultural production make it a massive opportunity for investors. He reinforces this by pointing out the need for infrastructure development in Brazil makes it a major opportunity for developers.

Igor Cornelsen does not just educate you on the investment opportunity in Brazil. He also gives you three simple tips to starting. “Connect with the natives”, “be prepared for red tape” and “know the foreign currency restrictions” are his 3 simple tips. Igor Cornelsen’s advice in this article is straight forward and pragmatic. That must explain his success.

The Economy of Brazil


Brazil is a diverse country with a complex economy. Over the past couple of years, the economy has grown faster than the rest of the world. However, recent economic events have slowed economic growth in the country. One of the leading businessmen in Brazil is Duda Melzer. He has successfully built a variety of different companies in the country, and he is one of the most influential people in business in Brazil today. He strongly believes that the country will experience high levels of economic growth in the future.

Investing in Brazil

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when investing in Brazil. Not only is the country growing, but the needs of the people are changing as well. More people than ever before are graduating college in Brazil, and an emerging middle-class will demand more out of the country. In addition, the personal income levels of everyone in the country will increase over time. This is something that Duda Melzer believes will fuel future economic growth in the country.

Business Ideas

One of the things that makes Duda Melzer unique is all of the business ideas that he brings to the table. In the past, he was usually one of the first people into new industries. This gave him a huge advantage over the rest of the market. If economic growth in Brazil does continue to slow down, he has a business plan to sustain his income. His willingness to plan for the future is one of the things that sets him apart from other people in the industry.

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