Desiree Perez Presents Tidal in a Whole New Light is the company that people are thrilled about. It is the type of company that has managed to become a source of high quality music, but people didn’t always think that it was going to be that way. Many people were fans of other music streaming services. Most people found that there were already some other established companies out there that were giving people access to music through streaming services. Spotify was one of these companies. Pandora was another. These would be the companies that Jay-Z and his team, which included Dez Perez, would have to contend with.


Nothing about this has been easy. Desiree Perez and Jay-Z had to fight to get this company to the place that it was supposed to be in. There were music lovers that were going to look at what Jay-Z was doing and wonder if he could really handle Tidal. He was someone that was willing to look at what it would take to become a real leader in the music streaming industry. As time went on Jay-Z decided to tap into the help from the wife of his best friend, Juan “OG” Perez. This was Desiree Perez. She was already doing big things in Manhattan with her own nightclub, and they were family friends to Mr. and Mrs. Carter so things worked out perfectly. Read more:


Right now Tidal is being pursued by Sprint. There were rumors that iTunes was interested in buying Tidal at one time. There was so much happening with this company. It is like people were unsure of the future of Tidal one moment, and then they were excited about the possibilities for this company the next. This is the work of Dez Perez. She has proven that she has the skills to rebuild Tidal and bring new customers.


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Julie Zuckerberg: Defining Recruitment At A Better Level

“People really matter,” is the motto of Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank as she believes the importance of right people. It is not new for her choosing the right people for the positions considering the decade-long career. The experience she got over the years has helped her to define the refinements for a particular position. She maintains an excellent network with the candidates to get an understanding of their expectations and career goals to guide them in achieving what they are looking for. Being into financial services industry, she chooses to play a role with realistic targets with long-term benefits. She understands the vision of the firm and works towards making the institution a world-class with the best talent acquisition practices. Deutsche Bank is a German financial institution that has operations across the globe. Julie works from its Manhattan office, New York. At Deutsche Bank, she collaborates with business leaders in developing recruitment strategies and improving the overall recruitment process. She also provides coaching to recruiters of various teams and recruiting coordinators of different business groups within the organization.



Julie started her career with Hudson, a talent acquisition firm in 2002. Her career span of 5 years at Hudson saw her recruiting for different industries starting from law firms to financial institutions. She was also engaged in coaching, employee counseling, and other talent retaining activities. In the year 2007, she joined City as Vice President and Executive Recruiter, where she took care of professional and executive recruitment. She actively involved in shaping the recruiting strategies and helped the business leaders on various parameters including compensation trends, talent, etc. Julie helped the leadership team to recruit Director and Managing Director roles for various City business verticals. She also took active participation in developing and negotiating complex job offers that included deferred awards, equity buyouts, relocation, etc. After six years of active roles, she left City in 2013 and joined New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President. During her short span at the insurance firm, she took care of the recruiting process outsourcing team. She also worked with the senior management in streamlining the client needs and provided effective business solutions. By April 2014, she moved to Deutsche Bank as Vice President, Executive Recruiter.



Julie is well versed with interviewing skills, conflict resolution, employee training, etc., and displays excellent leadership skills. She also conducts various training programs and coaching for employees across various industries. She completed her JD degree from New York Law School after acquiring a degree in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She is very keen to take part charitable initiatives that are aiming to encourage the disadvantageous world. She declares that she is a fan of food, art, and technology. She loves photography and running, and considers as her hobbies. She is very much involved in animal welfare, economic issues, civil rights, human rights, etc. She uses social media sparingly though she maintains both Facebook and Twitter accounts.




Helane Morrison Is Someone Who Is Confident And Efficient

There are few people that shine in any field. Helane Morrison is someone who shines in the compliance office. One of the reasons that she stands out from among the others is that she knows the laws and she interprets it from the standpoint of the little person or the consumer as opposed to the big corporations. One thing that could be said about big corporations is that they are surprisingly powerful in that they are allowed to get away with plenty of violations against their customers. However, one of the ways they are able to get away with such violations is that they are able to go after those that they perceive to be not so well liked. However, Helane does not find this to be very successful.


All Helane wants if fairness. She wants people to be treated with respect and regard whether or not they have a lot to offer. For one thing, if they have enough to do business with a corporation, then they should be treated fairly. However, it is the people that are considered lower that the corporations aim all of their violation attempts on. Therefore, it is important that someone stands up to these corporations.


Helane works assertively towards fairness. One thing she does is remind the companies about the rules that they are breaking so that they will not be allowed to go too far with their practices. Helane has been so effective because of her confidence in which to move forward. Her confidence stems from her knowledge of the law. She also figures out where to start. If she can’t figure out where to start, then she concludes that one place is as good as another to bring people the law that they are breaking in their methods of conducting business.


Investment Banks are A Great Resource for Corporations

Banks play a vital role in the daily business operations of many corporations both large and small. While many corporations have enough money to handle most of their daily business operations, there are various business situations where banks can be very helpful with supplying cash, advice, or financial assistance related to business deals and business transactions.

One of the bank types that is a great resource for corporations regarding access to cash, advice, and financial assistance of investment banks. In many ways, investment banks are structured to help clients such as corporations because investment banks are structured in a manner that compliments the needs of corporations.

Investment banks have three main areas of concentration. These three areas provide the type of banking services that are offered through investment banks. All three areas have multiple services that can be offered in relation to clients such as corporations. These services are typically specialized services that the average small business or individual would not have the need for or the available cash funds to utilize the services for the intended purposes.


For corporations, there is normally a need for a point of contact regarding business services. This point of contact ensures that a line of communication will be established and maintained related to the business services provided to investment bank clients. Concerning investment banks, the investment banker is the position within investment banks that can be used as the point of contact with corporations regarding business services. The investment banker typically is involved with many aspects of the business services provided to corporations.


One of the investment bankers who has made a name for himself in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. He has shown an ability to work with clients such as corporations on various levels. Martin Lustgarten has been able to provide the type of results that corporations and other investment bank clients want to achieve.


Martin Lustgarten has taken the experience that he has acquired over his years as an investment banker and used the experience to help him start his own investment banking firm, which is Lustgarten Martin. He serves as the CEO and handles all daily business operations.

Switching to OSI Group Food Products

Food products can be difficult to find and purchase knowing that they are great quality. This is why so many people have chosen to switch to the OSI Group company and know that they are doing something beneficial for their entire industry. This is a company that you can trust to provide you with great quality products that are going to help you run a more successful company. For a lot of individuals, it can be difficult sometimes to find a company they can trust knowing that the food that you are buying from this company is going to be affordable and also be incredibly high quality.

Make sure that if you are interested in switching food processing companies for your business that you consider the OSI Group company yourself. You can even check out the types of products that they offer by visiting their website or contacting them to see if they have anything available to you that you often buy. You’ll also find that the prices you pay for this type of food is well worth it and not going to break the bank if you are on a tight budget. There are so many people who are currently buying from OSI Group because they feel this is one of the top food companies in the industry and they offer a variety of different products that can make your life a whole lot easier as a business owner your self.

Never has it been easier for you to purchase great products at affordable prices that are not going to break the bank for you or your food company. When you make the choice to choose OSI Group, you are doing something that is going to be beneficial for not only your budget but also each and every one of your clients because the quality of the food you are going to be able to provide to them is going to be top notch. You can also find OSI Group on social media sites, such as Facebook, as well as their very own website if you would like to learn more about the different types of products that they offer to the public. This is a company you can trust and get behind if you are a business owner who deals with food and knows that you need a better company to do your business with on a routine basis with better quality ingredients.

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