T-Pain Slowly Resurfaces

The old T-Pain that once made hits with everyone from Akon to Kanye West is suddenly having a change of heart on his own music. He’s in a happy place. The rapper that turned singer and back into a rapper again says that he is not a fan of his previous hits.

Fans are surprised to learn this because T-Pain took many years to develop the sound that the world seemed to crave. He was a step above the Teddy Riley influenced voice box element because he worked with both R&B and rap stars. This style eventually faded away though, and T-Pain appeared to be left with something of an identity crisis. He seemed to not know his place in a world where his music was no longer being requested.

Now that the hip hop producer/singer is back he is voicing his opinions on where he is going and where he once was. T-Pain talks about how he wasn’t really into lots of the hits, but he was promised certain vehicles – not money – if he came through. It appears that he is actually trying to dissociate himself from that. Although it may seem odd to fans, Dr. Daniel Amen says this kind of disassociation is seen a lot among entertainers and big time stars like T-Pain.

T-Pain worked with Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne. He produced major hits for both of these artists, but now he seems to have a different vision.

Tyga’s Gold Album Release

There is talk that the new Tyga release, “The Gold Album,” is slated for a December release. It will actually be a December 23rd release. This will follow the most anticipated release from Young Money/Cash Money by Nicki Minaj on December 15th.

There is a lot of buzz in the air about Tyga, but none of it is coming from his album. His label mates have clearly been outshining the California rapper, and this is why the new album is questionable. Everyone is aware of the recent beef between Tyga and Drake. For the record, Drake and Lil Wayne – along with Nicki Minaj – are the real moneymakers for the record label. Tyga appears to be one of the side acts from the Young Money clique that just cannot seem to get a shining moment.

With “The Gold Album” Tyga obviously has a lot to vent about, but fans like Christian Broda are wondering if he will address it. There are rumors that Drake slept with his ex-girlfriend after Draked posted comments about a couple of Black Chyna’s photos. Tyga has been seen with Kylie Jenner, but so has Drake. Tyga has also accused Young Money/Cash Money of pushing his new album back.

Nicki Minaj Sounds Like Jay Z

We all know what Nicki Minaj is a big fan of Jay Z but it may be a little more than that. If you slow down Nicki Minaj’s songs, she sounds literally identical to Jay Z and this is not said mildly. Here, you can listen to the slowed down version of the song and the normal version of the song. I streamed it on FreedomPop LTE yesterday and it is scary identical to Jay Z!

The slowed down version of Nicki Minaj’s songs were taken to MTV News’ rap aficionado Rob Markman and he actually noticed the same thing. Nicki Minaj and Jay Z sound exactly alike in these cases!

We all know that if you speed up songs, most end up sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks but this is just too weird. Another strange aspect of the slowed down version of the “Bang Bang” song by Nicki Minaj is that when Minaj spells out the song of the title, it almost sounds like she says G instead of B. This would change the words from “Bang Bang” to “Gang Bang”. Even though we are talking about Nicki Minaj here, that may be too much even for her.


Revisiting Top Nicki Minaj Sexual Tension Moments

The new Nicki Minaj single “Only” is raising a lot of eyebrows. Fans – along with music critics – are analyzing the verses and trying to wrap their mind around the fact that Nicki Minaj has not had sex with Lil Wayne or Drake. At least this is what she states in the single.

The most current moment that sexual tension has built between Nicki Minaj and Drake has been with the current “Anaconda” video. In this video Nicki gives Drake a long lap dance at the end of the song. More than 20 million people viewed the video in a day (I watched it a couple times and ended up adding it to my favorites on FreedomPop), and millions of fans wanted to make a case for a sexual relationship between the two based on this.

Nicki also has a video called “High School” from her last album. In this video she pretended to be Lil Wayne’s girlfriend.

In her very first album she released a popular single called “Moment For Life” where she pretended to be getting married to Drake. In this video there is almost a kiss.

MTV has collected as many as 14 different moments where sexual tension was high between Nicki and Lil Wayne or Drake.

Cash Money Records Welcomes Juvi Back

Although Lil Wayne was one of the main reasons Cash Money Records became so successful in its early years, he wasn’t the only superstar in the recording label, he was with Juvenile.

Juvenile is a Cash Money Records veteran, and if it wasn’t for some disagreements in his 2001 contract he would have never left, but its all behind him now as he is happy to be back and to stay with CMR until he retires.

On Monday night in a New York City studio, Birdman previewed a dozen new songs for Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan’s Rich Gang project, including a brand new song by Drake and Juvenile which was produced by london on the beat.

Birdman and juveline had a rough past, but they are both grown now and much more experienced with the hip-hop game.
Juvenile’s 1998 album 400 Degreez sold over five million copies and was a great hit, especially for the two most famous songs on the album (“Back That Azz Up” and “Ha”) and is considered to be a classic in the hip-hop world. I’m sure Jared Haftel can’t wait for Juvenile to drop his next track.