D’Angelo Kicks Off Summer Tour

D’Angelo Starts His Second Coming Tour

Summer season is in full swing and is a prime opportunity for artists and bands to go on tour. Keith Mann noted that R&B artist D’Angelo is just one of those artists doing so.

D’Angelo is best known for his single “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” where he’s essentially naked and signing in front of a camera. It was in spring of 2000 when this all happened, he was in Oakland for his own concert, alongside drummer Questlove and his producer James Poyser, both of whom took a backseat to D’Angelo’s new status.

That was fifteen years ago and now the artist has returned to Oakland’s Fox Theater, for a show to kick off his Second Coming summer tour. This whole tour is in support of his comeback album entitled “Black Messiah,” but instead of the expected strip down he is known for he simply gave a standard performance fully clothed in an elegant style. Naturally, many fans have not forgotten his breakout performance from all those years ago.

One notable part of his show involving him taking the stage with singers Kendra Foster of P-Funk and Jermaine Holmes while making their own rendition of the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” icon. From there he played almost every track on his “Black Messiah” album while choosing not play any of his older hits at all, though ended it with “Untitled,” as many expected.