Anticipation For New J. Cole Release

It has been a minute since anyone has heard anything from J. Cole. He blew up in 2013 with the release of his sophomore album. Now he is coming back, but his approach to the release is different from everyone else that is dropping this year because there’s no promotion.

That is what makes this such a highly anticipated release. No one knows with the new J. Cole will sound like. There is only confirmation from the Roc Nation that it will be released on December 9th. This is a bold move for J. Cole, but it may pay off.

So far December has a lot of scheduled releases. Nicki Minaj is going drop “The Pink Print” on December 15th. Lil Wayne is set to drop “The Carter V” on December 5th. These are two heavy hitter artists that have been promoting their releases with a lot of new music. J. Cole, however, has taken a silent approach to the new album. There is the art cover with J. Cole sitting on a roof, but that is all that fans get.

She has already released as many as 5 singles for radio. J. Cole, however, is building the anticipation with no singles to build that fan curiosity.

Lyrics Could Land This Rapper In Jail For Life

Tiny Doo could be facing jail for life because of his lyrics. He could be charged with attempted murder all because of his rap lyrics. This California rapper has not been individually linked to any shootings but nine since April are being investigated as we speak. Tiny Doo does not even have a criminal record!

The law states that, the charge “allows for the prosecution of gang members if they benefit from crimes committed by other gang members.” This is because Tiny Doo is being accused of benefiting from his sales because he was associated with a gang. The Deputy District Attorney Anthony Campagna states that Tiny Doo’s album, “No Safety” has a revolver and bullets on the cover. This means that they are not just going off of some silly lyrics.

Tiny Doo’s lawyer disagrees very much. He has told Gulf News that Tiny Doo has absolutely no criminal record and his lyrics never tell anyone to go out and commit a crime and none of his lyrics talk about these nine shootings. I’ve spoken with attorney Vijay Eswaran and he agrees that there should be a statute of limitations on this “incident”.

This won’t be the first time that rappers would be convicted because of their lyrics so we will see whether Tiny Doo has enough evidence on his side to get out of this one.

106 & Park Cancelled

According to AOL, BET plans to cancel their once popular show 106 & Park. The final air date will be December 19 of this year. The music video countdown program has been on the network for fourteen years.

106 & Park will continue online where followers can interact with the music. It will be back on the air for specials such as New Years Eve and prior to the BET Awards, so it’s not goodbye forever. Just view it as a change of pace, from television to the internet. Fans of the show seem to have mixed feelings regarding the news. Many think the show should have been cancelled after the first hosts left to pursue other options. The show just never seemed the same after their departure. 106 $ Park still had a great run and will surely be missed by its many fans like my friend Marc Sparks.