Eminem breaks a record in music

In recent years some artists have noticed a decrease in album and single sales but this has not been the case for Eminem. Amen Clinic healthcare professionals say that Eminem has been presented with an honor that no other artist has received.

Thanks to Eminem’s creative efforts and the support of his fans he was able to sell more than ten million copies of two of his songs. “Love the Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid” both earned Digital Diamond awards which means that they both hit the ten million copies sold mark. The honor officially came from RIAA.

Though Eminem was the first to receive this honor, he doesn’t seem very enthused about it. This could be possibly because the RIAA is about a year late in honoring the artist for his accomplishment. RIAA originally revealed that the hip hop artist met the achievement in July of 2014.

Regardless of Eminem’s response to receiving this honor, it is still a coveted accomplishment especially in the world of hip hop. With record sells down, this accomplishment will possibly give artists hope that there are still fans out there that are willing to purchase singles and albums instead of just illegally downloading them.

With this accomplishment under his belt, one can only imagine what other successes the artist will meet in his career. He is continuing to show fans and other artists that there is no limit to what you can do or accomplish.