Given the great efforts involved in regular exercise, there is a need to have an outfit that is comfortable and stylish. That is the one thing that Kate Hudson; the co-founder of Fabletics identified and began to fill that market gap. As a shopper of active wear, she realized that there was no store that offered quality and stylish active wear at fair prices and where shopping was easy and convenient. She joined hands with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and formed Fabletics; an online activewear retailer.



Fabletics is based on subscriptions to ensure that the members get the best active wear. When creating an account, one is required to fill in a survey about their workout types, styles of workout outfits that one likes and other questions to enable Fabletics analyze their individual tastes and preferences. Photos of Kate Hudson in different outfits are also posted on the platform so that all the clients can see how the outfits look. The platform also offers VIP membership. As a VIP member the first outfit brought is $25. Also every month, The VIP member is offered various outfits at fair rates of about $49 to $59 for a 2-3 piece outfit. If one does not take any outfit in the month, then one is not charged anything. Additionally, shipping is free for the VIP members.



Fabletics has also adopted a new strategy called reverse showrooming. This strategy is geared at ensuring that it makes most benefits from showrooming. Besides, having an online platform, they have sixteen physical stores in Illinois, Hawaii and Florida. Under this strategy, Fabletics ensures that the stock in its physical stores is in line with the taste and the preference of their clients around the location of the shop. They also ensure that they are in line with the trending styles in the market. This is contrary to what most stores do where they stock, random products. As a result, Fabletics has managed to attract many new customers and also maintain the new ones. Majority of the people coming to their shops at least 30-50% are usually online subscribers. Additionally, 25% of the random entrants end up becoming subscribers too.



Thanks to the great quality, affordability and stylish nature of Fabletics’ products, the company has become preferable among people. It has become a $250 million business with an annual increase of 35%. It started with a line of women’s active wear but expanded it to include swimsuits and dresses. It realized that the men were missing out and in 2015 they opened a line for them under their FL2 brand. This line has Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson’s brother as its face. It has also grown into an international company serving customers on the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia and Germany. Fabletics has shown that through use of technology and innovation, achieving customer satisfaction is possible. Fabletics aims at ensuring that you enjoy each of your workout sessions in a stylish and quality outfit. You don’t need to look any further next time you want activewear.