The stock based loaning alternative provided by Equities Holdings

Equities Holdings has offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth, Bangkok, Singapore, and London.Equities First Holdings is a leading lender in shareholding and finance alternatives and capital  allocation worldwide.They give businesses and persons with a qualified net worth a non-stock capital.Equities Holdings has successfully transacted 625 deals due to their small capital rates and upgraded financial services customized to each client’s needs.Equities currently have a net worth of $1.4 billion.

Recently the company has recorded increased borrowing of margins loans and stock-based loans. This data is unlike the values recorded in most banks, where the lending is accessible to fewer and more qualified candidates.The lending company has allowed borrowers fewer qualifications for the credit based loans to borrow the stock-based loan.

The founder of Equities Holdings noted that while the stock-based loans and credit-based loans are rarely differentiated, the two options have unique and different requirements.

The credit based loans require the borrower to be qualified. The option also restricted one to an already decided expenditure of the money. The loan to value ratio of the stock-based loan is 10% to 50%.

The stock-based loans have a fixed interest rate, unlike the credit based loans. The option doesn’t restrict one to a planned expenditure of the money and also has a loan to value ratio between 50% and 75%.Al Christy, Equities’ CEO explained that the alternative has more loan to value ratio and a fixed interest rate. The properties of the stock-based loan assure a borrower that the transaction will be mature.Christy continued to say that the stock-based loans eliminate losses in case of a financial market fluctuation. The stock-based loans also provide the borrower with an option to end the contract even when the value of the stock decreases.

The CEO reported that most people avoid taking the stock-based loans because their banks habitually do not return assets to the borrowers when the transaction is successful. Instead, they leave the stock to the open market. Christy assured interested persons and parties that Equities Holdings strictly adheres to a professional and integral work ethic that frequently updates the borrower on the progress of their transactions.

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