Soros Goes Bearish, Picks Up Gold and Miner Shares

It seems that the hedge fund founder, investor, philanthropist, and economic genius George Soros is changing his tune as of late. And people are paying attention. After a hiatus of sorts, Soros has made a series of bearish moves lately. His company picked up shares in gold and miner companies while selling off shares of Soros Fund Management LLC.

Those close to George Soros believe this move is due to him seeing that different economic markets are weakening, which makes it historically a good time to buy gold. It is out of the blue too, because he seems to have been focused more on philanthropy and political action (such as reportedly donating to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC) lately.

Soros recently had to say goodbye to a senior investor of his, which could be the reason he has been in the office a lot lately, according to many staff sources. He hasn’t been this active in his companies, according to sources who are close to the 85 year old billionaire. Perhaps he is adjusting for the shifts that are taking place with a number of global economic factors: China’s market is weakening (and uncertain due to Beijing’s cryptic actions), the EU is seemingly falling apart with Brexit and the refugee crisis, and all of this could mean that wages and prices will fall soon.

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George Soros Trading Again

George Soros recently invested in gold and miner shares, which he is up in position on. Perhaps he is seeing something that ordinary investors aren’t right now. After all, the last time he was so bearish was back in 2007 before the housing and banking crisis. George Soros was concerned about housing and made a series of moves over a few years that earned him a $1 billion. Investors should pay attention to Soros and ask themselves why he is back in the driver’s seat.

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