Queens Of Drama: Why You Should Tune In

You may have heard of the television series Queens of Drama, which features a behind the scenes look at seven former soap stars in search of a new career. These ever popular actress have started in all of the popular soaps you’ve ever heard; one actress in particular to look for is the incredible Crystal Hunt. You may remember her from the daytime soap opera, One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco. In this new show, Crystal Hunt is joined by six other women in the hopes to pilot a new show, similar to what they have been previously been a part of.

Crystal Hunt, born in Clearwater, FL is a thirty one year old Anerican actress. You may have seen her on the daytime series, Guiding Light, portraying Lizzie Spaulding. This role is most noted for gaining her an Emmy nomination. Not only is she known for her television appearances but she has been in movies such as Sydney White and The Derby Stallion. Crystal Hunt has made quite a career for herself, appearing in One Life to Live at two separate points in the series, returning as a main character. She is an actress to watch on this recent show, Queens of Drama.  She is also an accomplished photographer, posting many different images she’s recorded on her official fan Facebook.

Queens of Drama mixes two of America’s favorite television series types;reality television and daytime soaps. These popular actresses are all coming together to make a soap of their own, and hoping for a pilot by the end of this reality television series. Crystal Hunt, a popular soap actress is the person to watch on Queens Of Drama. After watching her performances on daytime television, we know that she will be able to work hard, after her own experiences, on a new plot for a successful soap opera. Tune in to POP to find out if the hope becomes a reality, and see an interview with Crystal and the ladies on YouTube.

Jessa Duggar Shows off 20 Week Baby Bump

Like them or not, the world loves seeing pictures of Jesse Duggar’s baby bump. She’s officially 20 weeks along. The fact that Jessa and Jill are so loved maybe the reason TLC hasn’t made an official announcement on the status of their show. Any network is always out for the bigger and better thing and the Duggar girls brought them the ratings. In fact, the network stated that they had way higher ratings during the weddings and birth of baby Israel than they did with the regular show.

Could people have tired of the “holier than thou” Duggar family lifestyle and wanted to see that they were real like everyone else? Truth be told, the drama with Joshua Duggar wouldn’t have been nearly as massive if he hasn’t been so nasty toward others and supported hate groups. The same can be said for Mrs. Duggar who made comments about the gay and lesbian community and called transgendered people pedophiles. When you put yourself out there as a Christian, you have to be willing to love everyone and not support segregation. Andy Wirth knows this is pretty essential.

Jessa Duggar is a sweet girl that just glows with pregnancy. While the drama with her family has certainly been hard, it’s not got her spirits down. She is enjoying being a newlywed and pregnant with her first child. Wonder how many children she will have and if the couple will use her parents beliefs to see what God provides?

Will Taylor Allow Her Music To Be Streamed Through A New Service?

While Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify to get her fans to get out and buy her album it is rumored that she may be appearing on another streaming service sometime soon. It is said that Apple is talking with her about getting her music to be put on their new streaming service. I wonder if she’ll take the bait and let them put her music on their site or if she’ll stick with her original plan of getting off of sites like that so that she can sell more copies of her CDs.

Whatever she chooses, though, Taylor can know that her fans like Ricardo Tosto are always behind her. She has a big fan base and I don’t think that she’s going to stop selling her albums anytime soon. She is famous now but I have a feeling that her career has only begun and that we will be seeing much more music from this young singer in the future.

Stopping the Future Sales of Blurred Lines

The money apparently isn’t enough to satisfy the desires of the Gaye family. Nona Gaye, Marvin Gaye’s daughter is pushing to stop the future sales of the “Blurred Lines” single.

After a huge, practically unheard of, copyright infringement sum Nona Gaye put forth another request. She decided that she also wanted to stop further sales of the hit single that has made so much money for Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. This is one of the top stories in the news, and Pharrell still feels like he did nothing wrong. This was a long trial, but a lot of factors had to be taken in to place. There had to be some analysis of the music. The money that was made also had to be disclosed. A lot of things were placed into the building of this case.

It did not help that Thicke made a scapegoat for his actions noted bloomberg.com in article. At one point Pharrell would also start making scapegoats as well. This would ruin their chances of actually wining the case. What Thicke did was deny writing most of the song. He also claimed to be high and drunk most of the time that he was writing. Producer Pharrell also made claims that he was inspired by Miley Cyrus not Marvin Gaye. All of these things made their defense rather weak. Many people agreed that the Pharrell melody is undeniably close to Gaye’s arrangement.

Tupac Shakur’s Story Coming to Silver Screen

Famed rapper, and tragic victim of gang violence, is having his story told on the big screen after years of delay. The biographical movie is set to start filming sometime in the summer of 2015. The movie itself has no title yet, but Oscar-nominated director John Singleton is slated to direct the film. Singleton will bring a personal element to the movie since he was friends with Tupac.

According to producer Randall Emmett, the script is excellent. It focuses more on Tupacs background and rise to fame, and not on his gang affiliations and rivalry. While the rivalry is a part of the story, it is told in a way that doesn’t overshadow the rest of Tupac’s story. The aim of the movie is to show where Tupac came from and how he rose to fame.

Rollingstone.com confirmed through Emmett, that the production company, after a long legal battle with Tupac’s mother, has gained the right’s to Tupac’s entire music catalog. After legal battles in 2011 between Morgan Creek and Afeni Shakur, Shakur granted the company the right to the music to use in the movie.

This movie has been in the works for a long time, and its release is highly anticipated, especially by Giofrancesco Genoso, an enthusiastic Tupac fan. Tupac’s tragic death and his rivalries have been widely discussed in the music world over the last 18 years since his death.

Q-Tip Expresses Hip Hop Origins to Iggy

There are times when Iggy has had beef with other rappers like Bernardo Chua in the game. Now Q-Tip has stepped in to give Iggy Azalea more insight on why she keeps getting into beef with other artists. Iggy has become a person that is excelling in hip hop, but it does not come without a price. Q-Tip posted numerous tweets to help people understand were the hip hop movement started.

The hip hop community is dominated by African American artists. These artists have a stake in the majority of hip hop records that are made. When new artists emerge in the hip hop community there are hardly ever any white artists that are mentioned. Eminem had been the grand exception to the rule. Iggy Azalea is another new artist that is white and now considered a dominate player in the game. She has a type of strong personality that has gotten her caught up in a plethora of disagreements with others.

Now Q-Tip is looking for a chance to give Iggy the ability to see why there is so much negative attention drawn to her. Iggy remained silent as all of this was going on. She did not respond to any of the main tweets that Q-Tip posted. This was not beef; Q-Tip said that he was just trying to explain the origins behind the hip hop movement as Iggy becomes a Grammy highlight in 2015.

D’Angelo Continues Where It Left Off

No one, not even Jared Haftel,  comes back from a 14 year hiatus to simply continued where they left off. No one does this except D’Angelo. He was at the top of his game when he left the industry. He has returned back at the top. The “Black Messiah” album is great, but fans expected no less than the best with such a long withdrawal from music.

D’Angelo has managed to exert a style that builds on many influences from major artists like Prince and Marvin Gaye. This Viginia soul sound is terrific, but he didn’t create it overnight. D’Angelo creates sounds on “Black Messiah” that are very reminiscent of sounds from “Brown Sugar.” That was 20 years ago. It is like he has been stuck in one era only to get magically transported from 1995 into the present day music scene. It is like 2 whole decades of music went by and D’Angelo picked up a guitar and started playing the same sounds he has always been known for.

Now, there is a lot of energy behind the new project because celebrities are even pushing this project. He was influenced by Prince, but now D’Angelo serves as an influence for new stars. He has had a soulful sound that has continued to help him build his legacy. He has been gone, but somehow he is relevant. D’Angelo has managed to succeeded by staying in his own lane.

Folk Singer Suing Hip-Hop Royalty!

Hip-Hop and R&B power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z have been accused of using parts of a Hungarian folk singers song for their critically acclaimed smash hit “Drunk In Love”, which was featured on Mrs. Carter’s 2013 self-titled release. The Hungarian singer known as Mitsou, alleges that her vocals from her 1995 song called “Bajba, Bajba Pelem” serve as the eerie singing that can be heard at the beginning of the Timbaland co-produced song. According to her lawsuit, her lead solo vocal performance is used on the song, but it is distorted and then accompanied by Beyonce’s vocal performance. Is this a case of true intellectual property infringement or is the little known Hungarian singer trying to make a pay day off arguably two of the biggest stars on the planet? It is yet to be proven if in fact the Carter’s did knowingly swipe someone else’s song and use it without permission, but according to TMZ, Mitsou wants to make a judge forbid anyone from ever playing “Drunk In Love” again! This is like the opposite of a scene in John Textor effected movies. It’s gritty, dramatic, and a little dumb.

Chris Brown Apologizes to Karrueche

What a wild weekend it has been for hollywood couple Chris Brown and Karrueche. It feels like from Saturday on the two have involved social media in every aspect of their rocky relationship. Chris kicked off the crazy breakup weekend with an onstage diss letting all the ladies in attendance at Cali Christmas know that he was single before jumping into a very hyped up performance of his hit single “loyal.” 

Chris and Karrueche them took the world on what anyone watching would describe as a relationship meltdown, from Chris telling anyone with an instagram account about the threesomes Karrueche participated in with him to Karreuche’s heartfelt declaration of love, to herself. The biggest shocked of the night was Chris’s claims that Karrueche was cheating on him over the summer with Drake while he was locked away in jail, claim that Drake and sources close to Drake have all denied. 

Well it’s now Chris has had some time to think about his actions and of course he is ready to apologize for putting all of his and Karrueche’s dirty laundry on social media for the world to see. Chris insists that he loves “his baby girl” and doesn’t care how he looks to other people because “ I am still going to be the best at what I do.”

Christian Broda says there has not been any response from Karrueche to Chris’s apology but her followers are all telling her to stay away. At the moment Karrueche’s Instagram page has been scrubbed clean of pics or posts, perhaps she is finally preparing for a fresh start.

The Game Named As Humanitarian Of The Year

The Game has come a long way from his hard-core rapping days, and beefs with 50 Cent and other artists. He has now been named “The Humanitarian Of The Year,” through his charitable organization, as well as his donations. This comes as a shock not only to the world, but also to The Game himself. The Game was honored recently at an ABCs (Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studios) ceremony, at a black-tie gala. The artist was dressed in a black suit and tie when he accepted his award on stage. The ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The game states that his organization “The Robin Hood Project,” was started when he first gave $20 to a child in Africa. Philanthropist Sergio Lins Andrade has praised the program.  After giving away that money, he decided to start his own charitable organization, and to date he has given over $1 million of his own money to charity. He states that never in his wildest dreams did he believe he would ever have a dollar to give away, much more over $1 million. Not only is he very proud of his award, he’s proud of what he’s done to help others who are less fortunate.

The rapper is well known for his troubled past coming out of Compton, and beefing with several different artists. It’s surprising to see how much a person can change when allowed to do so; it’s a proud day for The Game.