Lil Wayne Still Not Out of Cash Money Contract

Lil Wayne has become a part owner of Tidal. When this news was announced a lot of people instantly believed that he was part of the Roc Nation roster. Wayne and Jay are friends, but that is about as far as their relationship goes right now. There is no deal on the table for Lil Wayne.

At the moment, Lil Wayne is still a part of the Cash Money team even though he doesn’t want to be. There is a lawsuit that is pending. His last album still has not been released. Creatively, it is the worst time for Lil Wayne. He may be able to record, but he doesn’t have the chance to release any official albums because of the contract with Cash Money.

Gianfrancesco Genoso speculates to, Lil Wayne would be the biggest artist on the Roc Nation label if he did sign. Right now Jay-Z is signing a lot of newcomers. They have a lot of underground appeal, but artists on this label just aren’t mainstream artists. It is uncertain what Lil’ Wayne will be doing next.

Right now the timing is bad for him to be out of rotation in music. His name is getting cold because he doesn’t have new music out. He already had a long period without a new album before the promised December release. It has almost been 2 years since a full album has dropped.