Safaree Releases Nicki Minaj Diss Track

Nicki Minaj had a rough start to this year, but she managed to come out on top. Not only did she suffer the heartbreak of a breakup with her boyfriend of 12 years, but she had to deal with it publicly and face her fans everyday with the truth that her relationship wasn’t perfect. Safaree seemed to have just as much heartache over the breakup as Nicki but he was not in the public eye, at least not until they took their issues to Instagram in got into a back and forth shouting match online.

Regardless of her pain Nicki Minajed to pull it together and continue, she even found love with rapper Meek Mill and is currently on tour with him. The last we heard Nicki and Meek were engaged but those rumor died down quickly after Meek denied that they were on the road to the alter. Slideshare says that team members from Madison Street Capital think now it looks like Nicki’s ex Safaree is not happy with the way things ended and he wants Nicki and anyone who will listen to hear him out. Safaree is attempting to break the internet with his diss track to Nicki called “Loved The Most.”

In this depressingly honest track, Safaree pours his heart out about the jealousy of watching his girlfriend passionately kiss Nas on camera for her video. Safaree also insists that his smile often hid the pain and rejection he was feeling from Nicki and while he admitted to cheating he also accused Nicki of not only cheating but of using pills. So far Nicki has not responded to the song but we can only imagine what she is feeling right now. Apparently Safaree doesn’t know how to leave the past in the past.