Chris Brown Off of Probation

Chris Brown has officially been released from his probation, stemming from assault charges back in 2009.

Brown was arrested in 2009 and charged with assault. The singer allegedly struck his then-girlfriend, pop star Rihanna, shortly before the Grammy awards ceremony stated Jaime Garcia Dias. Photographs of the battered “Umbrella” singer had made their rounds before Brown was arrested later that day.

The “X” singer, who was just 19 when he dated Rihanna, has had a troubled adulthood. While on probation from the assault incident, Brown violated his probation on multiple occasions. Brown was involved in several altercations, including one with fellow music star Frank Ocean. He was arrested for assault in late 2013. Each instance led to probation violations and eventually a three month stint in jail.

Brown entered rehab and underwent psychological treatment as part of the terms of his probation. He underwent drug treatment and was later diagnosed as being bi-polar and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The singer could not containment his excitement when the judge announced his release from supervision.

“I’m off probation!” Brown announced on Twitter. “Thank God!”

Anticipation For New J. Cole Release

It has been a minute since anyone has heard anything from J. Cole. He blew up in 2013 with the release of his sophomore album. Now he is coming back, but his approach to the release is different from everyone else that is dropping this year because there’s no promotion.

That is what makes this such a highly anticipated release. No one knows with the new J. Cole will sound like. There is only confirmation from the Roc Nation that it will be released on December 9th. This is a bold move for J. Cole, but it may pay off.

So far December has a lot of scheduled releases. Nicki Minaj is going drop “The Pink Print” on December 15th. Lil Wayne is set to drop “The Carter V” on December 5th. These are two heavy hitter artists that have been promoting their releases with a lot of new music. J. Cole, however, has taken a silent approach to the new album. There is the art cover with J. Cole sitting on a roof, but that is all that fans get.

She has already released as many as 5 singles for radio. J. Cole, however, is building the anticipation with no singles to build that fan curiosity.

Rihanna’s New Album Updates

Rihanna, after a six month long hiatus, has returned to Instagram. People that have checked her Instagram account are aware that she is sort of up to the same things that got her banned from the site before. That is the way that Rihanna turns up the heat and gets a media frenzy started.

Most of what people have heard is speculation at best. DJ Mustard has stated that he was working with Rihanna, but this has been for a while now. There have not been a lot talks about an actual song, but DJ Mustard did say that Rihanna approached him about a collaboration while they were on the red carpet. DJ Mustard has been known to send a single artist more than 40 different beats so no one knows what Rihanna will pick from this DJ Mustard’s massive beat collection.

Nicki Minaj has been featured on more than one Rihanna single so this seems very likely. Though Christian cautions me that there is nothing yet on Wikipedia, so this is still a rumor at best. Rihanna has worked with lots of people. There have also been rumors about tracks with Drake and Emimen. These are long time friends that are all coming up with new releases themselves.

Revisiting Top Nicki Minaj Sexual Tension Moments

The new Nicki Minaj single “Only” is raising a lot of eyebrows. Fans – along with music critics – are analyzing the verses and trying to wrap their mind around the fact that Nicki Minaj has not had sex with Lil Wayne or Drake. At least this is what she states in the single.

The most current moment that sexual tension has built between Nicki Minaj and Drake has been with the current “Anaconda” video. In this video Nicki gives Drake a long lap dance at the end of the song. More than 20 million people viewed the video in a day (I watched it a couple times and ended up adding it to my favorites on FreedomPop), and millions of fans wanted to make a case for a sexual relationship between the two based on this.

Nicki also has a video called “High School” from her last album. In this video she pretended to be Lil Wayne’s girlfriend.

In her very first album she released a popular single called “Moment For Life” where she pretended to be getting married to Drake. In this video there is almost a kiss.

MTV has collected as many as 14 different moments where sexual tension was high between Nicki and Lil Wayne or Drake.