Eric Pulier: Technology Genius and Well-Known Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is a technology genius and entrepreneur who is changing the world, bit by bit, with his innovation approach to business. While he has made himself and his investors plenty of money with his business ideas, his philanthropic ventures are where he focuses most of his energy. As the creator of Starbright World, he has put together something unlike anything else that has come before. By donating capital to the Starlight Foundation, Eric helped to pioneer the revolutionary social media network for children who suffer from chronic illness’s. By managing a team of volunteer and paid resources, he oversaw the creation of the network from start to finish. Stephen Spielberg sat as chairman and worked very close with Eric and his team in order to create the first-ever online environment focused exclusively on the needs of kids who suffer with chronic illness.


As a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, Eric Pulier was in charge of looking over a program that provided low cost cloud-computing services to under-served communities, and he also supports the ACE Foundation, which is focused on reshaping the way that software is used to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. The foundation is currently building a system that manages a micro-transaction system that allows for the distribution of clean drinking water in poorer countries and is also partnering with HeroX so that the two can sponsor technology contests where people can compete by offering up technlogy that might solve humanitarian challenges around the globe. Eric also donates to several other charitable causes including the XPRIZE Foundation and the “Campaign for Free College Tuition.” He also sits on the board of the Painted Turtle, which is a charitable organization founded by Paul Newman and Lou Adler that offers a summer camp for children who face chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.


Eric Pulier received his Bachelor’s degree in English & American Literature from the University of Harvard and also studied Computer Science and Visual and Environmental Studies. He is a very active father of four and does everything in his power to make the world a better place for his children and every other child on earth.