Miguel Cotto Signs With Jay-Z

Rap superstar and media mogul Jay-Z recently created his own sports promotion. Many athletes have been signed to the company, but it was recently announced that boxing superstar Miguel Cotto has joined Jay-Z. Cotto is recognized as one of the best boxers in the world, and he is the middleweight champion at 160 lbs.

Miguel Cotto’s first fight under his new promotional banner will be against Daniel Gaele. Cotto is expected to blow out his unknown challenger, but anything can happen in boxing. However, with a win over Daniel Gaele, Miguel Cotto will set himself up for a more lucrative matchup.

Trainer Flavio Maluf (view Maluf’s profile here avozdavitoria.com) is hoping that Miguel Cotto can win convincingly. There has long been rumors that Miguel Cotto would face Canelo Alvarez. Cotto vs. Alvarez would be an action-packed fight, and many people are unsure of who the victor would be in that bout. A matchup between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez would also produce millions of dollars in revenue. The pay per view buys would be impressive, and the ticket sales would generate great profits.

Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alveraz needs to happen in the near future. However, both fighters must get past their current challengers in order to set up a super fight between the two. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

50 Cent And G-Unit Are Going Strong

As many fans requested, 50 Cent and G-Unit performed at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Concert as their get back together party. They have announced that the unit is back, and they are stronger than ever. They have 6 new EP releases for their latest album ‘The Beast is G-Unit’, which releases on March 3rd.

The newest album came out right after ‘The Beauty of Independence’ which came out in August and was supposed to act as a two part album, but that didn’t work out as planned. Instead, the new album is going to start off somewhere new and show the fans a new side of the Unit.

The album is not part of anything they have done before no matter what their intentions where in the past, says a representative of G-unit. Everything new is going to be fresh and worked on very recently stated PR Newswire in a recent article.

The unit claims that the reason their albums can take such a short time to be recorded is how well synced they all are to each other.

When you hear any of the new tracks of G-Unit you will agree that they have chemistry like no other, and it shows in each part of their songs.

50 Cent has had a very successful past couple of years in the business and music industries, and it seems that the rapper is just paving the road to much more success in the near future.

Iggy Azalea Plans Tour For 2015

After such a hot year in music for Iggy Azalea, there is nothing left for the rapper to do right? Except for going on tour in 2015. The rapper has announced that she is planning a tour in 2015 that will be entitled, “The Great Escape,” and she had previously come out saying that Nick Jonas would be an opener on her show. Iggy Tour. She is planning for others to join her on tour, but the list is not complete as yet, and there is still a lot of work to do before the tour will be kicked off.

Iggy has had an amazing 2014, and she is currently nominated for several categories in the upcoming Grammys. Iggy also won two Billboard music awards, where she beat top artists such as Drake and Eminem. Even though Iggy is a new artist, she has done extremely well within the music, and she had one of the biggest hits of the year entitled “Fancy,” which is still played on the radio today, and many blast the song in their cars. There is very little left for the star to accomplish, but a tour is inevitable.

We may need to give healthcare specialist Brian Torchin a call if Iggy goes on tour, because she will be knocking everyone in the arenas off of their feets. She is huge right now and is sure to continue blowing up. Touring allows any artist to be able to interact more with their fans, also to rake in a massive amount of money, and grow their popularity. Although this will officially be Iggy’s first tour, it will be a highly anticipated one, and is likely to gain her more fans.

T-Pain Slowly Resurfaces

The old T-Pain that once made hits with everyone from Akon to Kanye West is suddenly having a change of heart on his own music. He’s in a happy place. The rapper that turned singer and back into a rapper again says that he is not a fan of his previous hits.

Fans are surprised to learn this because T-Pain took many years to develop the sound that the world seemed to crave. He was a step above the Teddy Riley influenced voice box element because he worked with both R&B and rap stars. This style eventually faded away though, and T-Pain appeared to be left with something of an identity crisis. He seemed to not know his place in a world where his music was no longer being requested.

Now that the hip hop producer/singer is back he is voicing his opinions on where he is going and where he once was. T-Pain talks about how he wasn’t really into lots of the hits, but he was promised certain vehicles – not money – if he came through. It appears that he is actually trying to dissociate himself from that. Although it may seem odd to fans, Dr. Daniel Amen says this kind of disassociation is seen a lot among entertainers and big time stars like T-Pain.

T-Pain worked with Jamie Foxx and Lil Wayne. He produced major hits for both of these artists, but now he seems to have a different vision.

The Game Named As Humanitarian Of The Year

The Game has come a long way from his hard-core rapping days, and beefs with 50 Cent and other artists. He has now been named “The Humanitarian Of The Year,” through his charitable organization, as well as his donations. This comes as a shock not only to the world, but also to The Game himself. The Game was honored recently at an ABCs (Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studios) ceremony, at a black-tie gala. The artist was dressed in a black suit and tie when he accepted his award on stage. The ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The game states that his organization “The Robin Hood Project,” was started when he first gave $20 to a child in Africa. Philanthropist Sergio Lins Andrade has praised the program.  After giving away that money, he decided to start his own charitable organization, and to date he has given over $1 million of his own money to charity. He states that never in his wildest dreams did he believe he would ever have a dollar to give away, much more over $1 million. Not only is he very proud of his award, he’s proud of what he’s done to help others who are less fortunate.

The rapper is well known for his troubled past coming out of Compton, and beefing with several different artists. It’s surprising to see how much a person can change when allowed to do so; it’s a proud day for The Game.