George Soros has a Plan of his Own

Does George Soros Know?
You may be wondering if George Soros really has insights for solving the asylum chaos. Does he know what will be needed to solve the chaos? You might appreciate knowing some of the qualifications that Mr. Soros can offer to this situation. George Soros is a man with worldly experience. He is a philanthropist, a successful businessman, an investor, and an author. He is an educated man who had attended London School of Economics. He is an individual who possesses many skills. He can offer his solid experience. His input to solving of the asylum chaos is valuable to many. He does have a plan of his own. George Soros does know how to solve many problems on because he has seen and experienced so much of the world.

The Asylum Chaos
The Marketwatch had published a story about George Soros and his plan to solve the asylum chaos. According to this article, George Soros believes that the way to solve the asylum chaos will be a good and clear plan. It must be a comprehensive plan that incorporates human rights at the core of it.

Include the Acceptance of Responsibility
This plan requests that the European Union accept responsibility. This can be defined as a lack of responsibility. There is a common asylum policy on that is indeed lacking. This lack of responsibility has turned a manageable problem into a political crisis. This year a large stream of refugees that has grown. This has turned into a problematic situation that must be resolved. Each and every member of the state has placed a focus on its own interests. They have acted against the interests of others. This has caused panic amongst the following:
* asylum seekers
* the general public
* those authorities who are responsible for order and law
The European Union will need to accept responsibility for the lacking of a common asylum policy in place.

Respond to the Crisis
It has been noted that the EU will need a comprehensive plan in place. This plan must respond to this crisis. There will need to be effective governance in place. The flow of asylum-seekers will need a place that is safe. This flow must ensure that this can be done in an orderly way and reflects Europe’s capacity. Their capacity to absorb them. The plan will need to extend past the borders of Europe.

George Soros and the Open Society Foundation
George Soros is the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. He is also the Chairman of Soros Fund Management. He does currently obtain and hold a dual citizenship. The United States and Hungary. His roots are of the Jewish-Hungarian ancestry. George Soros is a remarkable individual. He founded the Open Society Foundation. This foundation has branched out in 37 countries.