Securus Technologies Is The Future of Security And Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies facilitates criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, the safety of the public, monitoring and corrections. We provide immense benefits to the family, friends and the society.


We believe in giving tremendous benefits to the inmates like reduction in their pricing, special video calling, enhanced usage of the products by the detainees, good healthcare and excellent opportunities for communication by utilizing many gadgets. We strive to include those products that we possess and will continue to make more products to save lives and also help in the prevention of crimes.


We have developed a gadget wherein an inmate who is in jail, can utilize our device for active communication with the persons. He may communicate with recorded and secure voice, text, video or email messages on a platform that is central. This platform has got instant access to the database to facilitate songs, books, and medical attention.


When we enable the inmate to utilize their mobile gadgets, this will allow them to get information to important phone numbers. This will help them to get bailed out in a shorter duration of time. Securus Technologies plays a pivotal role in the monitoring of the communications.


You may get access to absolutely secure data. We provide this to all the inmates nowadays and at affordable rates. We have the cutting edge technology and advanced products, and we use them for making the people beneficial.


Securus Technologies’ primary objective is to have focused on the associations. Securus Technologies can make a great difference in the prevention of crime. We enable the law enforcement agencies to feed and gather information.


We are there to connect and serve the people to make the world a safe place to live in. We are the best in this industry and make an effort to improve day by day.


Talk To Your Loved Ones For Less Than The Competition

Talking on the phone is a major requirement for inmates that want to transition outside of the facility, talk to their loved ones, and speak to their legal counsel. They are dependent on secure calls that are reasonably priced for their loved ones. The cost of inmate calls has been a major concern for inmates and their families for years. Securus Technologies is now offering their customers a reliable correctional calling network. Securus has been proudly serving the community for over 20 years as an inmate calling regulator, but now they hail as a leading network provider processing billions of calls annually.


They recently acquired a Certification 1 that allows them to be able to reach a global network. Securus is proud to employee over 546,00+ IT professionals. They will be well equipped in correctional communications, monitoring, safety, and surveillance. International certification will also let them improve the network. They can ensure their customers will get every minute specified under their service agreement. Talk to your loved ones in an institution when it matters the most. Securus Technologies works hard to put their customers expressed needs first. Your loved ones will be glad to save time and money with Securus.


Features Include:


Video Chat


Video chat features offer a great opportunity for loved ones to communicate face-to-face. Your disabled loved ones never have to leave home with video chat capabilities from Securus. Customers receive high definition video and impeccable sound quality.


Inmate Voicemail


Your loved ones can call the actual correctional facility and leave a message for you on their access line. They simply retrieve the message when they have ample time and never have to miss another phone call again. Inmates have their own personalized telephone answering service to meet their expressed needs.