Julie Zuckerberg: Defining Recruitment At A Better Level

“People really matter,” is the motto of Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank as she believes the importance of right people. It is not new for her choosing the right people for the positions considering the decade-long career. The experience she got over the years has helped her to define the refinements for a particular position. She maintains an excellent network with the candidates to get an understanding of their expectations and career goals to guide them in achieving what they are looking for. Being into financial services industry, she chooses to play a role with realistic targets with long-term benefits. She understands the vision of the firm and works towards making the institution a world-class with the best talent acquisition practices. Deutsche Bank is a German financial institution that has operations across the globe. Julie works from its Manhattan office, New York. At Deutsche Bank, she collaborates with business leaders in developing recruitment strategies and improving the overall recruitment process. She also provides coaching to recruiters of various teams and recruiting coordinators of different business groups within the organization.



Julie started her career with Hudson, a talent acquisition firm in 2002. Her career span of 5 years at Hudson saw her recruiting for different industries starting from law firms to financial institutions. She was also engaged in coaching, employee counseling, and other talent retaining activities. In the year 2007, she joined City as Vice President and Executive Recruiter, where she took care of professional and executive recruitment. She actively involved in shaping the recruiting strategies and helped the business leaders on various parameters including compensation trends, talent, etc. Julie helped the leadership team to recruit Director and Managing Director roles for various City business verticals. She also took active participation in developing and negotiating complex job offers that included deferred awards, equity buyouts, relocation, etc. After six years of active roles, she left City in 2013 and joined New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President. During her short span at the insurance firm, she took care of the recruiting process outsourcing team. She also worked with the senior management in streamlining the client needs and provided effective business solutions. By April 2014, she moved to Deutsche Bank as Vice President, Executive Recruiter.



Julie is well versed with interviewing skills, conflict resolution, employee training, etc., and displays excellent leadership skills. She also conducts various training programs and coaching for employees across various industries. She completed her JD degree from New York Law School after acquiring a degree in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She is very keen to take part charitable initiatives that are aiming to encourage the disadvantageous world. She declares that she is a fan of food, art, and technology. She loves photography and running, and considers as her hobbies. She is very much involved in animal welfare, economic issues, civil rights, human rights, etc. She uses social media sparingly though she maintains both Facebook and Twitter accounts.




Helane Morrison Is Someone Who Is Confident And Efficient

There are few people that shine in any field. Helane Morrison is someone who shines in the compliance office. One of the reasons that she stands out from among the others is that she knows the laws and she interprets it from the standpoint of the little person or the consumer as opposed to the big corporations. One thing that could be said about big corporations is that they are surprisingly powerful in that they are allowed to get away with plenty of violations against their customers. However, one of the ways they are able to get away with such violations is that they are able to go after those that they perceive to be not so well liked. However, Helane does not find this to be very successful.


All Helane wants if fairness. She wants people to be treated with respect and regard whether or not they have a lot to offer. For one thing, if they have enough to do business with a corporation, then they should be treated fairly. However, it is the people that are considered lower that the corporations aim all of their violation attempts on. Therefore, it is important that someone stands up to these corporations.


Helane works assertively towards fairness. One thing she does is remind the companies about the rules that they are breaking so that they will not be allowed to go too far with their practices. Helane has been so effective because of her confidence in which to move forward. Her confidence stems from her knowledge of the law. She also figures out where to start. If she can’t figure out where to start, then she concludes that one place is as good as another to bring people the law that they are breaking in their methods of conducting business.


Malini Saba Shares Secrets to Success

In a recent interview, Malini Saba shared some insight into what has helped her become such a successful philanthropist and business leader. Saba is likely best known for her prominent position as Chairman of Saban, a leading international investment company. She is also the founder of the company, which she originally launched because she wanted to help companies that do not qualify for more traditional venture capitalist funding to get off the ground. Now, Saban holds investment interests all across the globe in U.S. tech companies, oil and gas in China and real estate in India and Australia.

When asked about where she sees her future in business headed, Saba says that commodity markets are particularly exciting for her because they present plenty of opportunities for investment. Even though Saba acknowledges that the commodity market can be very volatile at times, she says it has the potential for great returns. With almost three years under her belt as a dynamic entrepreneur, Saba knows exactly what it takes to ride out the wave in the startup phase of a company. She is always undeterred by challenges and rises to the occasion to accomplish her goals. In running a successful company, she says she tries to surround herself with people who have a similar passion for hard work and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

One of the major things that sets Saba apart from other business leaders is that she is not afraid to take risks. Saba says that she prides herself in being able to seek out situations that may be overlooked by other investors and is able to quickly calculate risk in taking the path less traveled. This approach has certainly been profitable for Saba and her company. She has been able to find opportunity in unlikely scenarios and use her strong will to succeed to keep going when others may have run in the opposite directions. As a word of wisdom, Saba encourages future business leaders to try to adopt this approach early on in their careers so that they can begin to distinguish themselves from others. A proactive approach to all aspects of business can take you well ahead of the crowd, according to Saba.

As a parting piece of advice, Malini Saba says that regrets in business are pointless. Every decision has the potential to teach you something you would not otherwise have learned.

For Effective Business Operation, Hiring Compliance Officer is the Key to Success

Helane L. Morrison is a Prominent Compliance Officer and also The Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners LLC and General Counsel of the Company. Helane Started as her Career as Editor in Chief of the California Law Review. It was following her graduation from the University of California, Berkeley School where she graduated with a Journalism Degree. Helane also graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism.

For the Span of One year (1984-1985), Helane worked as a clerk in the U.S. Court of Appeal reporting to Honorable Richard A. Posner. She also worked as a secretary for the office of Harry A. Blackmun for another one year from 1985 to 1986 before changing her career dynamics to work in the San Francisco. From 1986 to 1996, Helane Prowess landed her to work at the private firm for the period of 10 years at Rice, Nemerovski. Candy, and Rabkin. Ms. Morrison specialized on compliance by ensuring enforcement by carrying out an internal corporate investigation, leading the firms in the right direction on business litigation and implementing protection program on securities and SEC matters.

Helane Morrison constant effort and expertise on securities and risk assessment raised concern and got promoted to partner level in 1991 practicing law at San Francisco firm. Upon achieving her position as Partner, she assumed to lead the business in enforcement department where her duties included overseeing well presentation of the enterprise in SEC matters, dealing with government agencies and news media, leading companies and financial institution in legal processes and rendering advice to ensure Compliance.

In 1997 to 2007, Ms. Morrison was the District Administrator of the U.S securities and exchange at San Francisco before attaining the position of Regional Director to ensure Compliance and represent SEC in business matters. Later she becomes General Counsel and Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC.

According to Roy Snell, Compliance Officer Role is to ensure compliance and enforcement in the implementation of preventive measures that will ensure problems are monitored and regulated as they appear using control tools such as Audit, risk assessment, performance monitoring and educative measures. Roy Snell is the CEO of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

The profession of Compliance Officer is growing at a high rate over the past ten years creating opportunities for development in Compliance. The position of Compliance Officer embraces by tens of thousands serving in different functionalities. According to Cathy Mackenzie, Compliance Officer is mostly preferred in heavily regulated industries like insurance and Banking sectors. Being a Compliance Officer one is bestowed with responsibilities of developing internal controls and ensure Compliance.