The Glittering Investment Career of Don Ressler in the Fashion Industry

Don Ressler is very popular within the fashion industry. Over the last decade, the California-based fashion guru has invested heavily in several fashion enterprises in California and Los Angeles. His first investment was in, a brand building company that incubated many Internet businesses and raised hundreds of millions of dollars as capital for these enterprises. By the time he sold the company to Intermix Media in 2001, he had generated sales to the tune of a billion dollars noted on His second major investment was in El Segundo in California where he established the Intelligent Beauty. The company that started its operations in 2006 was a joint venture between Ressler and his close business associate, Adam Goldenberg. The two gentlemen who had known each other at Intermix Media were keen to tap into the Californian fashion e-commerce industry, which was unexplored at the time. That notwithstanding, they saw it wise to base the company in California so as to cut on operations cost.

Establishing JustFab

Intelligent Beauty grew in leaps and bounds and in September 2011, it gave birth to JustFab. The idea behind JustFab was to develop a community fashion brand. After paying the subscription fee, members were able to get personalized and quality fashion products, such as handbags and shoes at an affordable price. This was a sensational business strategy by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, which made JustFab a darling to most fashion enthusiasts. The number of subscribed members ballooned to over four million members within a short span of time, necessitating the expansion of the company and diversification of its products. The company has since added modeling and runway attire to its collection and established other subscription brands, such as ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and Fabletics.

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Establishing Fabletics

To create Fabletics in 2013, Don Ressler partnered with Kate Hudson. The company specializes in providing its members with active wear outfits: yoga wear, athletics wear, and swimming costumes among other sportswear. Being a subsidiary company of JustFab, Fabletics borrows the online member subscription model from its mother company. Its products, on the other hand, are not only affordable but personalized and fashionable.

Funding JustFab

In its six years of existence, JustFab has received funding from several quarters. On his part, Don Ressler pumped over $40 million to the company in 2013. In 2011, Matrix Partners invested more than $30 million in JustFab. The company also received funding from its mother company, Intelligent Beauty. In August last year, Don and Adam decided to rebrand their company from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group.

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Brazil: The Time Is Now

Investing In Brazil: Igor Cornelsen’s Top 3 Tips was a December 2014 PRNewswire article in which Cornelsen discusses the investment climate in Brazil. The article mentions the reasons for the economic down turns in Brazil since 2008. He then goes on to highlight the economic potential of Brazil. Cornelsen wraps up the article with 3 essential tips to follow when investing in Brazil.

One has to understand the background of the article’s author in order to put its main point into context. Igor Cornelsen was one of Brazil’s top investment bankers. At one point he managed a large percentage of Brazil’s gross economy. He is a highly respected consultant in the finance world.

In the article Cornelsen begins with explaining the cause of Brazil’s economic woes. He makes the claim that there has been too much government interference in the markets. He also states that financial scandals have had a negative impact on investment. However, his article is really about an investment opportunity.

Igor Cornelsen’s main point is that now is the time to start investing in Brazil. He believes that the price of stocks in Brazil have reached their bottom. He argues that Brazil’s abundant natural resources and success in agricultural production make it a massive opportunity for investors. He reinforces this by pointing out the need for infrastructure development in Brazil makes it a major opportunity for developers.

Igor Cornelsen does not just educate you on the investment opportunity in Brazil. He also gives you three simple tips to starting. “Connect with the natives”, “be prepared for red tape” and “know the foreign currency restrictions” are his 3 simple tips. Igor Cornelsen’s advice in this article is straight forward and pragmatic. That must explain his success.

Yanni Hufnagel: Only A Matter Of Time Before College Basketball Coaching Fame

There is a crazy amount of money in the NBA. The average NBA players salary is well over $3 million per year. Sign-on bonuses for college players entering the draft can reach double digit millions. But before an NBA player can become world-famous, wealthy beyond dreams and incredibly successful, they must be discovered. That’s where college basketball recruiters come in.


There is quite a salary discrepancy between NBA players and the college basketball recruiters that discover them. Just take Yanni Hufnagel, for example. The man is in his early 30s but has made very little money in the profession of college basketball coaching. He got his start back in 2009 as an unpaid assistant coach at Harvard University. In Cambridge, he was put in charge of recruiting.


Yanni Hufnagel killed it. Harvard University is the country’s oldest college and sticks to tradition. The school has never issued an athletic scholarship and admissions does not lower standards for athletes. Yanni Hufnagel, the new assistant coach to Harvard University in 2009, was effectively handcuffed by the school’s own policies.


He was still able to assemble the first-ever Ivy League championship team for Harvard. NBA superstar Jeremy Lin played under Yanni Hufnagel During his four years at the school. The Crimson Tide achieved a 79-24 record, was nationally ranked for the first time in school history, and won a school record 26 games in 2011. Yanni Hufnagel did all of this work as an unpaid coach.


Yanni Hufnagel then to his recruiting chops to Villanova where he put together another killer recruiting class that involved two NBA draft picks. In two seasons at UC Berkeley, he was able to assemble a top-five recruiting class. He has now taken his recruiting skills to the University of Nevada at Reno. It’s only a matter of time before he rises to fame with his own program.


Avi Weisfogel: A Certified Sleep Expert Available For Your Service

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, Founder and the Owner of Dental Sleep Masters Seminar based in New Jersey, has a broad background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. He established a firm Old Bridge Dental Care and started his dental practice. In 1999 he managed to open an office for more than a decade, earning honors from his community such as Best Dentist numerous times. During his work, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started exploring the sleeping world and learning how physicians and dentists can help patients who suffer people from sleep disorders. He established Healthy Heart Sleep; it is a company that worked with physicians across the globe and advised them on the management and establishment of sleep labs.


In 2012, he established OUSP and started lecturing professional dentists about how to serve sleep patients. He opened Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to help further dental doctors break into the sleep world by using oral appliances to treat a different kind of sleep disorders. Weisfogel has completed his BA from Rutgers University in biology and psychology and a DDS from College of Dentistry accredited by New York University. Dr. Avi draws on a thorough knowledge of sleep apnea. Dr. Avi uses such information to help dental doctors to identify patients and to assist them for a better living.


DSM under the supervision of Avi Weisfogel has designed a model for primary or secondary care physician that depends on certified physicians who has expertise in dealing patients with sleep disorders. That model symbolizes the bigger picture, and by using this model, patients will get better care while also assisting a company to increase opportunities in a health community. Sleep physicians and ordinary physicians have joined by dental doctors who can provide clinical support for such individuals who are having trouble for sleep apnea. Treatment of such disorder will increase in upcoming years as an additional number of breakthroughs emerges, and advancements that are in the queue. Clinical care at DSM will continue to be maintained by latest devices developed. Numerous patients respond negatively to a mechanical treatment that is developed previously for sleep apnea. That’s why Dental Sleep Masters is an ideal choice for you.

US Health Group: The Experience and Adaptability Your Family Needs

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, US Health Group is your one-stop shop for family, vision, dental, accident, and life insurance. With a Stevie Award in the 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, as well as a Gold ranking in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards, you can feel secure in the knowledge that US Health Group is the real deal. Independent of any requirement or mandate, US Health Group voluntarily and directly prioritizes the needs of the consumer, listing their mission statement as H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everyday.) In their own words, “Affordability and reliability are the hallmarks of our product portfolio.” Visit there Facebook page:

With over 50 collective years of experience in the field of Health Insurance, US Health Group has had more than enough time to learn the ropes. But they’ve taken care not to get stuck in the past, with free, web-based insurance quotes tailored to the customer’s needs, as well as an online account system where users can view personalized information about their coverage and benefits, as well as treatment and cost estimates, health and wellness, and pharmacy and RX services. For those not so technologically adept, they offer a toll-free phone line operated between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time. And if you’d rather speak with someone local, their website can help you locate an agent close to you based on your zip code.

More than just a health insurance company, US Health Group can have your back even after an accident has happened. Going beyond immediate coverage for any sudden medical bills, US Health Group also offers Short-Term Disability Benefits, giving you a continued lifeline during your period of recovery. With Short-Term Disability, the benefits don’t have to end when the hospital stay does, so you can continue to rely on US Health Group to give you the time and peace of mind you need to recover.With all of these policies, options, and protections, customers and members can personalize their coverage to fit the needs of their family, in their circumstances, on their budget. In these changing times, adequate coverage is paramount for future financial stability. With US Health Group, you can feel confident that you, your family, and your assets are well protected.

Eric Pulier: Technology Genius and Well-Known Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is a technology genius and entrepreneur who is changing the world, bit by bit, with his innovation approach to business. While he has made himself and his investors plenty of money with his business ideas, his philanthropic ventures are where he focuses most of his energy. As the creator of Starbright World, he has put together something unlike anything else that has come before. By donating capital to the Starlight Foundation, Eric helped to pioneer the revolutionary social media network for children who suffer from chronic illness’s. By managing a team of volunteer and paid resources, he oversaw the creation of the network from start to finish. Stephen Spielberg sat as chairman and worked very close with Eric and his team in order to create the first-ever online environment focused exclusively on the needs of kids who suffer with chronic illness.


As a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, Eric Pulier was in charge of looking over a program that provided low cost cloud-computing services to under-served communities, and he also supports the ACE Foundation, which is focused on reshaping the way that software is used to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. The foundation is currently building a system that manages a micro-transaction system that allows for the distribution of clean drinking water in poorer countries and is also partnering with HeroX so that the two can sponsor technology contests where people can compete by offering up technlogy that might solve humanitarian challenges around the globe. Eric also donates to several other charitable causes including the XPRIZE Foundation and the “Campaign for Free College Tuition.” He also sits on the board of the Painted Turtle, which is a charitable organization founded by Paul Newman and Lou Adler that offers a summer camp for children who face chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.


Eric Pulier received his Bachelor’s degree in English & American Literature from the University of Harvard and also studied Computer Science and Visual and Environmental Studies. He is a very active father of four and does everything in his power to make the world a better place for his children and every other child on earth.



White Shark Media’s PPC ROI Focus Increases Profits, Not Clicks

White Shark Media’s expertise in digital advertising, especially pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is extensive in both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. To prove their abilities, the company offers business owners a free live evaluation of their existing AdWords account with one of their digital media advisors. Using Bria, a conference platform, the advisor explains what White Shark Media would do differently, while the business owner follows each step.


For business owners operating small, local businesses, White Shark Media tailors their traditional AdWords management service to include keywords that will attract leads in their client’s community. In addition, the firm tracks phone calls and contact form submissions and offers campaigns that include Google Mobile Ads with directions and click-to-call options. All local campaigns offer competitor analysis, handwritten copy and monthly optimization.


White Shark Media also offers Google AdWords management for e-commerce businesses with Google Analytics shopping feeds and tracking for e-commerce. By using a certified AdWords professional with experience in handling e-commerce campaigns, client’s campaigns are optimized to provide the highest return on their investment, as opposed to a high-click-through rate.


White Shark Media’s process is simple; after an evaluation, a digital media advisor will assist new clients with selecting a flat fee PPC plan, which includes Small Business, Essential, Pro and Platinum options. The Small Business option has the lowest budget requirement per month at $500. Each option includes easy-to-understand reporting options, so clients understand how their campaign is performing.


Launched in 2011, White Shark Media’s rapid growth is a testament to the service that they provide.

Goettl Air Conditioning Starts New Expansion

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the largest air conditioning companies in America, and they serve a large portion of the population of Arizona. They have been working in the industry for many years, and they wish to bring their services to new places across the west. This article explains how the company will offer better services to community, and it will give everyone an idea of what Goettl will do when they expand to Las Vegas.

#1: Moving To Las Vegas Is A Natural Step

Moving to Las Vegas will seem to be a natural step for the members of the Goettl family. They wish to bring their company to the city because it will help them expand to many customers who live in the area. Air conditioning is a serious subject in the city, and anyone who is hot in the summer or spring will not be able to function.

#2: They Have The Best Services

There are many lovely services offered through Goettl, and they are known for being quite good at what they do. Anyone who calls the company will receive the best services, and they will feel much better about the level of care they have been given.

#3: The Company Will Open Its Services To More People

The company will ensure they are reaching more customers by having trucks in Las Vegas. The city is quite large, and there are many people there who will benefit from the work the company has done. Anyone who is unsure of how to service their home AC must call Goettl knowing they have a simple solution.

The AC in a home or business must be repaired or serviced often, and Goettl has a team in Arizona or Las Vegas to help. Anyone needing care may contact them at once.

Samuel Strauch and his Views about the Growing Real Estate Market in Miami and the Rest of the Country

For a long time now, the people of the country wanted to know what the Miami real estate holds for them. More people are looking into investing in real estate properties because of the higher gains and the minimum risks they come with. With the real estate market booming in this part of the country, more people are looking to invest here to secure their future. But, it is important to know if investing here is the right decision for you. There is no one better to tell you about it than Samuel Strauch.

With more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry in Miami, Samuel Strauch has lend his knowledge to his clients so that it becomes easy for them to make real estate investment decisions that provide them with high returns in the coming years. Since the window for opportunity in real estate industry is small, Samuel Strauch is always on the lookout for such opportunity so that he can provide his clients with something that other agents in the area cannot do. His clients have ended up making huge profits by relying on him for his insights.


Not everyone can be an expert in real estate investment, and thus, it is best to seek the advice of someone with futuristic thinking to help you make your decision. Samuel Strauch has made money through his hard work and dedication. He also asks his clients to take risks and learn how to manage these risks if they want to profit in this volatile market. Over the years, Samuel Strauch has become one of the prominent faces of the real estate in Miami, and people look up to him for advice before making any decision. While buying or investing is the choice of the clients, getting help from knowledgeable real estate agent never hurts.

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Troy McQuagge Named CEO of the Year

USHEALTH Group has reason to celebrate now that One Planet Awards have awarded the CEO of the Year Award to their Chief Executive Offer Troy McQuagge. The honor comes after being placed up against some of the more enterprising business leaders, representing public and private organizations across industries, submitted for consideration from countries all over the world.

McQuagge, hired to rhelp restructure the company, has been with USHEALTh for over six years. This began with a top-to-down rearrangement of USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s distribution agency. This proved to be a change in course the company was in need of, and the success experienced with a new USHEALTH Advisors led the company to elect McQuagge President and CEO. In the tow years since, McQuagge has taken USHEALTH Group to newfound success, expanding the company’s size and increasing the company’s profitability at a time where other insurance companies seem quite unsure as to their future in disparate markets across the United States.

Notified that he’d won, McQuagge was understandably honored. One Planet Awards is known for being quite judicious in selecting those they honor with awards, and in a field as competitive as insurance he was grateful to the recognition. But McQuagge was quick to reject ole recognition for the honor, stating that the men and women who work hard daily to support USHEALTH Group’s customers made it possible for him to be recognized. McQuagge went on to reaffirm the company’s commitment to doing their part to make the health insurance markets in the country more equitable for customers by providing better coverage to fit their current needs.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida and quickly began his professional career in the health insurance industry by working for Allstate Insurance in 1983. Recognized for his talent in this line of business, and having received awards for his excellence in this industry, McQuagge eventually went on to work for USHEALTH Group, recruited for his ability to restructure the company and increase tits profitability. His successes with the company elevated him to the important positions of president and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors.

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